A new partner for A1GP Switzerland

Significant commitment for Swiss motorsport by Fredy Lienhard

The signage of "Autobau" will be adjourning the race car of A1 GP Team Switzerland. "Autobau" is the new motoring experience in Romanshorn at Lake Constance in Switzerland, which will be officially opened on April 16th.

At the former oil tanking area of Romanshorn, a unique collection of motor cars from various eras will be on display, particularly including race cars. "Autobau" is to become a meeting point for motoring and motor racing enthusiasts and will also serve as a venue for congresses, seminars, social and cultural events. Services include a variety of culinary offerings. Later on, the premises will also become the venue for smaller companies from the areas of research and development and innovation.

The man behind the project is Fredy Lienhard, the owner of the globally known office equipment manufacturer Lienhard Office Group from Degersheim in the east of Switzerland. With "Autobau", Lienhard made a dream of many years come true. "I wanted to make a positive mark as an entrepreneur in the region of Eastern Switzerland, economically, socially and sportingly", said the 61-year old from Appenzell.

For many years, Fredy Lienhard has been backing motor racing in Switzerland, a sport to which he still feels committed even after having ended his own long-standing and successful career as a driver. Fredy Lienhard feels strongly about a determined young drivers' support programme, ranging from soap-box racing through go-karts, Formula Lista and Formula Renault at a national level up to motor racing at world level. By backing the Swiss national motor racing team, competing in the World Cup of Motorsport, he is rounding off his commitment at the highest level.

Among the many beneficiaries of the generosity of the Swiss entrepreneur are also three current drivers of the A1GP Team Switzerland: Neel Jani, Alexandre Imperatori and Rahel Frey. Lienhard has provided them with the opportunity to get started in motor racing and pursue their careers in the sport. Max Welti, team principal of the A1GP Team Switzerland, really appreciates the latest effort by his long-standing companion: "I am impressed by Fredy Lienhard's philosophy of not only being committed to Swiss motorsport on behalf of his company, but also personally. I am grateful to him for doing so and I am looking forward to a long-term co-operation like he feels it."

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