Branson not to lose F1 virginity

What a cunning stunt. Branson's FREE PR exercise about expressing an interest in Honda F1. What a scam - the cheeky monkey.

The last few weeks have been of full of stories about that Mr Branson generating loads of free PR - but do you believe he had any intention whatsoever of buying the Team?

To justify his lack of interest despite the vast PR he has been courting in the run up to the announcement and to come up with a load of fiddlesticks about F1's lack of green his cash cow airline really has strong credentials? But if you could unravel the fuel deals and get everyone to run biofuels - would make sense...

Get rich. Adopt green credentials - Free PR etc.

You have to admire Sir Richard Branson - he has generated more PR than he could have hoped for in a matter of days - probably as much as Honda's "earth car" during it's race campaign! - ok thats a bit harsh - but there is no doubt Branson's mastery of PR would serve any F1 team he gets involved with well. He is also a motor racing fan!

As for Bernie's offer of £100m being rejected as reported by News of the World:

Well Fry and Brawn on 17.5% each are doubtless gutted Bernie has been rebuffed and Bernie is gutted because the magic of the Senna name is not in this year's championship (Bruno Senna is waiting in the wings).

Honda F1 employees are gutted - Honda doubtless WILL look after them - but they are all racers and they want to be in this year's championship - Button will get a massive pay off - there is only one winner - Richard Branson and his business empire. It's a shame really - someone with Branson's business acumen is EXACTLY what an F1 team needs in these financially straightened times.

It now looks less likely that the team will be saved - as Honda spokesman Hiroyuki Murase said: “We are talking with several potential buyers. But if negotiations fail the team may have to be disbanded.”

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