Bikes - Speedway at Irish bike show

SPEEDWAY is to be a centre piece in this weekend's Irish Motorcycle Show atthe Royal Dublin Showground.

The show runs from Friday February 27 to Sunday March 1 and organisers arelooking to use the event to showcase their plans of eventually having apermanent speedway track in the city.

Entrepreneur John Gunning is working with prospective new promoter StuartCosgrave on the project and they one day hope to stage a regular Grand Prixon their prospective new track.

Gunning said: "Ruth Lemass, who is a director of the Carole Nash IrishMotorbike and Scooter Show, and I, have already had preliminary talks withIMG's Paul Bellamy about staging an Irish GP at the RDS."We'd like to get Irish motorcycling onto the world stage and speedway is anexciting prospect for many reasons.

"Not only would it be a major televised sporting event, but it would alsoresult in an influx of supporters from all over Europe. It'd also be ofgreat interest to the media, Irish motorcycle fans and curious sportsfollowers in general.

"The idea behind having speedway at this weekend's show is that it's a toein the water for us to gauge the interest of Irish bikers - most of whomhave never seen it before."

The organisers will be staging some demo races during the three day eventand BSPA Press Officer, Nigel Pearson and the Sky Sports team will be flyingover to the emerald Isle on Friday to get some footage for their seasonpreview show, which is to be aired next month.

Elite League stars Ben Barker, Daniel King and Stuart Robson are alsotravelling over for the exhibition and will be joined by Rye House's TommyAllen and Stan Burza, who is coming all the way from Poland.