Piccione beats Loeb


Fresh from securing Monaco’s maiden medal in Gauteng, Clivio Piccione has been tasting more success – this time against a five-time World Rally Champion.

The 25-year-old has just beaten French rally mega-star Sebastien Loeb at racing a quad buggy around a special dirt course in the heart of the principality.

Piccione and Loeb were invited to take part in a special VIP section of the Monaco round of Quad Master series, pitting their skills against other established motor sport stars including Luc Alphand, Soheil Ayari and Le Mans 24 Hours winner Stephane Ortelli.

Piccione got through two heats, a semi-final and the final against the highly-regarded opposition, with the A1GP racer grabbing lead the start of the 15-minute final and never being headed, despite pressure from Loeb throughout.

“It was an awesome experience,” Piccione told A1GP.com from his home in Monaco. “It was a bit of last minute call, but I was happy to attend. They are really fun machines to drive. We raced around a 500m course with two jumps and you really have to hold on, because you can get as high as 10 metres.

“I got a great start and lead pretty much straight away. Then it was just about hanging on.

“I knew Loeb was right behind me on braking in the corners and I could hear what was going on behind me thanks to the commentators there. Loeb owns ones of these buggies and is used to racing on dirt and mud – I have no experience so it was pretty thrilling to beat him.

“It’s very different to racing an A1GP car, and had a more fun element, but ultimately, when we are all racing, we all want to win.

“These quads are open everywhere, have soft suspension and an automatic gearbox. But even though you can through it around lots, if you want to be quick you still need to hit the apexes of the corner and have good technique.”