MML Sports unveils ..

 Group N Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX rally car

The company formed from the core team behind Mitsubishi’s successful World Rally Championship campaign, MML Sports Ltd, today unveiled its Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX Group N rally car. Developed using the expertise and experience which brought Mitsubishi one manufacturer and four driver world titles, the MML Sport EvoX will soon be available to drivers looking for what the company feels is the definitive Group N EvoX.

The MML Sports EvoX Group N rally car has been built to full FIA specification, making it eligible for the Production car World Rally Championship, the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and numerous regional and national championships, such as the British Rally Championship.

Because the Lancer EvoX is a relatively young car, there are few off-the-shelf parts available for the subsequent assembly. Therefore, MML Sports set about developing what it needed to build the highest specification of group N car.

A range of parts were designed and built from scratch, including the rollcage and the fuel tank. Developed in conjunction with fuel specialists ATL, the bag tank is located underneath the vehicle floor for safety and to lower the centre of gravity as much as possible.

The overall layout of the suspension remains unchanged but MML Sports worked closely with damper specialists BOS, as used on the Mitsubishi World Rally Cars, to bring WRC-specification damper technology to its Group N car. The transmission uses a Ricardo gear set and while MML Sports is obliged to use the front and rear differentials homologated by Ralliart Inc, it is allowed to fine tune the settings to establish the behaviour and traction.

Control of the active centre differential and the engine mapping however, is free and this is one area that MML Sports has concentrated on, to gain maximum advantage. It is using MOTEC control systems for both the centre differential and the engine, with the development work on the engine carried out in conjunction with long-term engine partner HKS.

The MML Sport Group N EvoX will begin testing in March while its first competitive outing, run by MML Sports, will be in Latvia in April. The driver is yet to be decided but the company has confirmed that it will be someone capable of demonstrating exactly what the car is capable of.

Commenting on the news, MML Sports Managing Director John Easton said; “We are delighted with the way the MML Sports Group N Lancer EvoX rally car has turned out. When we decided to develop our own version of the EvoX on spec, we knew that we had an edge with the experience we gained in the World Rally Championship and on both the Group A and World Rally Cars. We simply had to apply that to Group N and I feel we have done just that.

“Our goal from the outset was to develop a car that was competitive, reliable and as important nowadays, cost effective. The MML Sport EvoX is available in a range of specifications, so while it is eligible and I’m sure, competitive in the P-WRC, IRC and series like the BRC, it is also attainable for club-level competitors by using a more basic specification, such as the standard fuel tank instead of the bag tank, for example.

“We anticipate that the very highest specification of EvoX will be available for around £120,000, which compares favourably with its competition and is considerably less than a comparable Super2000 car. In addition, the running costs for Group N are significantly lower than S2000, which I would estimate to be on par with a World Rally Car.

“We expect cars to be available for order from April onwards and of course, we will be offering a full parts and technical back-up service. Parts can be ordered directly from our website and we are planning to offer prospective clients an opportunity to come and test the car in the UK prior to placing an order.

“We hope that with our experience and the work we and our partners in this project have put in, that MML Sports will be come synonymous with Mitsubishi Group N rally cars, in the same way that other organisations have with other marques.”


Technical Specification

 OVERALL LENGTH  4505mm  OVERALL WIDTH  1810mm   WHEEL BASE  2650mm  TRACK FRONT AND REAR  1545mm  WEIGHT 1450kg   ENGINE MODEL  4B11, four-cylinder, 16 valves MIVEC DOHC turbo  BORE-STROKE  86.0 x 86.0 mm   DISPLACEMENT  1998 cc  ENGINE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM  Motec, multi injection   CLUTCH  Ralliart Cover & Plate  TRANSMISSION  Ricardo five-speed Dog Box, Limited slip differentials front and rear, Active Centre differential  MAX. SPEED  190-220km/h, according to the final ratio   SUSPENSION  Front; McPherson struts, coil springs, Anti-roll bar. Rear; Multi Link, coil springs, Anti-roll bar  DAMPERS  BOS, hydraulic  STEERING  Power-assisted rack and pinion   BRAKES  Brembo ventilated discs, 355mm diameter Tarmac, 300mm gravel. Four-pot caliper Tarmac, gravel and snow   WHEELS  Speedline 8x18” Tarmac, 7x15” gravel, 5.5x16” snow  FUEL TANK CAPACITY  82 litres  SEATS  Sparco composite  COCKPIT COMPONENTS  Sparco