EEMS welcomes Formula Zero


EEMS, the Government-sponsored Energy Efficient Motorsport programme which works to put energy efficiency at the heart of modern motorsport, welcomed the Formula Zero Championship to the UK at City Hall, London on Friday 6 March 2009 for the launch of its UK event to be held at Brands Hatch, Kent on 1-3 May.Formula Zero, founded in Holland in 2003, is a new zero-emission race concept for cutting-edge single seater racing cars. The 2009 competition is between universities from all over the world who have each developed a hydrogen fuel cell kart. Zero emission racing is the perfect platform for the research and marketing of advanced propulsion technologies, such as fuel cells and batteries. With commercial interest and the technology developing at such a rapid pace, the race concept will evolve into full-size racing cars. One rule stands for all the cars: zero emissions.

Marc de Jong, Senior Project Consultant for EEMS, has been working with Formula Zero on their plans, to strengthen the UK’s involvement in the Championship:

‘EEMS would like to congratulate Formula Zero on its round in the UK, the first event outside its country of origin. We are very pleased to play a role bringing a round to the UK, and it’s exciting to have London, our capital city, as the venue for this launch. We are delighted to be involved alongside the London Hydrogen Partnership, making a link between technology applied in motorsport competition and the future of transportation. The Partnership is actively seeking options to introduce hydrogen-powered buses into London, and to show leadership using the 2012 London Olympics for the high profile demonstration of low carbon, low emission technologies.

‘This is definitely a fresh idea for motorsport. We are impressed with Formula Zero’s meticulous preparation and safety precautions as well as the worldwide attention that this new initiative is generating. We have already supported the Imperial Racing Green team from Imperial College, London, who came third in the first event in Rotterdam. Some of the greatest boffins in the world will be working to find solutions using the motivation of motorsport, and our universities are playing their part. Fuel cells are tipped to play a major role in the future of transport and this is an excellent way to discover more about this vital technology.’

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