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Motors TV will break new ground in 2009 by becoming the first television channel in the history of broadcasting to air a women’s motorsport world championship LIVE.

Having already secured the rights to show a first full season of LIVE MX1, a second of LIVE MX2, as well as adding the MX3 category to its roster back in December, the High Speed Television Channel has announced that all seven rounds of the Women’s MX World Championship is to benefit from the same live and exclusive coverage this year.

Now in only its second season of existence, the series features an impressive 40 rider-strong field (the same number as their male counterparts) from 10 different countries. All will be desperate to take the crown from reigning champion Livia Lancelot after the Frenchwoman dominated proceedings in 2008.

The girls compete on the same outdoor dirt courses as their male peers, ensuring that they too are subjected to the full physical force of riding a modern motocross machine. Despite this, and that many of the competitors remain amateurs, the time difference between the fastest ladies and the men shrank rapidly over the course of last season.

Women's World Motocross Championship Manager Stefy Bau said, “Youthstream and the FIM have really put a big investment into this championship. We are noticing enquires to participate in 2009 from women that come from countries that you wouldn't expect which translates into a growing recognition of the female side of our wonderful sport, both on and off the track. All the girl riders are working really hard to try to turn motocross racing into a full on career, breaking all the barriers that are still partially present in male-dominated sports, and we are happy that Motors TV is helping to make this a reality.

“So, just tune in and watch the WMX live on TV!”

Leading British rider Natalie Kane said, “Having the races shown live on Motors TV means a lot because it demonstrates that we’re starting to be regarded as equals to the men. A lot of people used to view it as a boys’ sport but now that stereotype is getting better. It’s just getting bigger and demonstrating that women can do the sport as well.  Every year we get more, faster women coming through and hopefully that means one day we’ll get some of the ladies qualifying for the men’s races. That’s my ambition. In a couple of years’ time I’d love to be able to qualify for a male grand prix.”“We’re very happy to be able to broadcast the Women’s World Championship on a LIVE basis,” added Motors TV Head of Programming & Acquisitions Frédéric Viger. “I’d be lying if I said that women accounted for the largest proportion of our audience but their viewership, both on our channel and throughout motorsport in general, is growing.  We believe this series will help show our fans that Motocross is a very family orientated sport, as well as helping break down gender barriers that do still exist throughout motorsport. I can guarantee for instance that plenty will be amazed at the high level of competition involved with the lady riders!”

World MX coverage starts March 29th at 11am live from Faenza, Italy. The opening round of the Women’s World Championship in Sevlieko, Bulgaria kicks off the following weekend, April 5th from 9am.

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