Scott Dixon on his sensational pole ..

at Sebring Did you expect to be on pole today for Saturday’s Mobil 1 Twelve Hours of Sebring?

Honestly…..not really.  I did hope that we would be up there in the top three or four but we have had such a mixed time in testing this week that it was really hard to predict anything.  It’s been a really crazy week and although I have been here four or five days I have only really completed about 18 laps.  You don’t really get much of a chance to ‘read’ the car.  Earlier in the week the track seemed nicer to drive but as the week went on I was really finding a lot of understeer in turns 15 and 16; you had to take it very easily around there you really can’t throw the car around.  I thought the Audis were handling the track better but I think the heat this afternoon helped us and the more laps we did the quicker the car.  I am not used to that!

How did the car handle?

It takes some getting used to after an IndyCar.  It has more downforce than any car I have ever driven therefore momentum is a big deal.  We don’t have the horsepower of the diesel-engined Peugeots and Audis on the straight so we have to make the downforce really work for us. This makes it quite physically demanding.  I think all three of us are very happy with the power steering option! 

How do you think the car will perform in the race?

Like any long distance race it is all down to reliability. We have had some issues in the early testing but things have smoothed out this week. The car gets quicker and quicker over the course of a stint which is good news, but this is a brand new car and reliability will be the key I’m sure.  We have proved we are quick now we have to be consistent.

Did you expect the amount of emotion in the de Ferran Motorsports pit when you returned?

Well I wasn’t sure if I had done it or not!  When I crossed the start finish line the radio was completely silent so I thought someone had pipped me.  But when I returned they were all jumping up and down and I got the message.  It was a great result for every single one of us.

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