Bikes: Teka/Suzuki: Building on strength

Team Teka Suzuki WMX1 represents a formidable combination of not only one of the market leaders in kitchen appliances but also one of the principal and most successful teams in the Motocross World Championship paddock.

The alliance between the Teka Group and Suzuki will enter a second year in 2009 with the first season of the association resulting in second and third positions overall for riders Steve Ramon and Ken de Dycker respectively, two Grand Prix wins and 13 accumulated podiums from 15 rounds, taken with the fuel-injected RM-Z450 .

With 80 years of experience forging their status as a renowned household brand, the Teka Group is one of the most identifiable names in the Grand Prix paddock; providing an important non-motorcycle industry presence. With 13 factories in Europe, two in America and two in Asia; they supply items ranging from sinks and kitchen appliances to beverage containers. These products are distributed under several different brand names in more than 125 countries.

CEO of Teka Group, Mr Markus Bau, comments on the partnership with the factory Suzuki team and the company's interests in motocross.

How did your association with the Suzuki factory team come about?

"After some years of being a successful sponsor in football, we decided to look for a new dynamic sport which is attractive for young people." Naturally it must be important for Teka to be associated with a successful and professional team...?

"As we also have a professional approach, attitude and sales structure in our company, it obvious that we only wanted to work with a professional sport team."Through the Suzuki team, Teka also have an association with an important piece of heritage of the sport via the Geboers brothers. This must enrich the experience of being the main sponsor?

"Yes, absolutely right. Teka Group was founded over 80 years ago and due to several successes it has grown from a small German-based company to a worldwide group, employing more than 6000 people. Throughout the years the Geboers family has also known great successes in motocross, and continue to do so with Team Teka Suzuki World MX. So the heritage is an added value; one that is a great match with Teka Group."What do you enjoy about the sport of motocross?"We enjoy the performance of the technology combined with the performance of the riders which require highest technical know-how, engineering, power, perfectionism, peak physical condition and top-speed. This 'power and strength' is also valid for our products."What was your first Grand Prix and what were your impressions of the sport?

"When I saw my first Grand Prix in the Czech Republic at Loket; I was fascinated."Have you ridden a motocross bike or would you like to try?

"Yes, I have a Suzuki RM-Z250 and when I find the time, I like to go riding."  What do advantages do you think Grand Prix motocross has over other motorsports for the spectators and also the sponsors?"In comparison with Formula 1 for example, you have no distance between the fans and the top-riders in the paddock."What are the aims for Teka both in the short and long-term with their motocross involvement?

"To have success and bring our riders to the podium, as well as to make the brands Teka and Suzuki even more renowned."At a difficult time for motorsport, Teka's association with the Suzuki team is seen as something very important inside the sport; this must be a positive thing for the company?

"Yes, that's right as more and more employees are involved in our sponsoring. At several GPs we activate our sponsorship by organizing marketing events, where we invite customers to the Grand Prix races abroad as a form of an incentive."

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