Flavio and Ron threaten to boycott

According to a story in The Times - Bernie had a visit from Flavio and Ron last week.

The story reports that the meeting which revolved around some money they claimed Bernie owed them - and they threatened to pull out of this weekend's Australian GP and claimed other member's of FOTA (Formula One Teams Association) would follow their lead.

In the story - apparently Flavio and Ron threatened to not put their racecar's on the plane to Oz. Bernie countered by suggesting he ought to cancell the plane carrying the cars..

Bernie was quoted as saying:

"If they come in here with a gun and hold it to my head, they had better be sure they can f***ing pull the trigger,” he said. “And they should make sure it’s got bullets in it because, if they miss, they better look out.”

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More guaranteed column inches for the sport then!

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