Red Bull Practice "A bit hit and miss"

Car 14 MARK WEBBER, 1st Practice P17 2nd Practice P4"It's great to be back in Australia. I'm proud of the Australian GP; they put on anexcellent show here for everyone and it's good for the local people. They'vehad a tough few months recently with the fires, so I hope they enjoy theweekend. My day today was a bit hit and miss to be honest, as we had a fewtechnical problems with the car. I didn't get many laps in during the firstsession, but the second was a lot better. We completed more laps and triedboth types of tyres, so we've got some good stuff to go through tonight. It wasquite interesting to see how low the sun was through the trees towards the endof the second session, it was good to run with that to get used to it for Sunday."

Car 15 SEBASTIAN VETTEL, 1st Practice P20 2nd Practice P8"We had a bad session in this morning's practice and didn't get too muchrunning, due to a hydraulics problem. In the afternoon we were able to getsome laps in, but unfortunately I made a stupid mistake towards the end of thepractice, so we couldn't run through our programme. Nevertheless, it's lookingalright with what we've done compared to the time we had on the circuit, solet's see how we go tomorrow. Like always on Fridays, it's a bit difficult tointerpret everyone's lap times, but I think we can be happy."

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: "After the off-track activities of the lastcouple of days, it was good to get the weekend under way. There were acouple of issues in the first session - a hydraulics leak with Sebastian and adriveshaft problem with Mark limited our run-time. In the second session bothdrivers showed good pace and we worked through our programme.Unfortunately Sebastian had a small off, which ended his day early, but bothdrivers seem comfortable in the car and their pace was respectable."

STATISTICSMARK WEBBERFirst Practice SessionPosition: 17, Best Time: 1:29.081, Laps: 7, Chassis No. 2Second Practice SessionPosition: 4, Best Time 1:26.370, Laps: 30, Chassis No. 2

SEBASTIAN VETTELFirst Practice SessionPosition: 20, Best Time: 1:32.784, Laps: 4, Chassis No. 3Second Practice SessionPosition: 8, Best Time: 1:26.740, Laps: 19, Chassis No. 3

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