A1 Team Australia ties up ..

A1 Team Australia has confirmed a five-year partnership with IT and communications firm MGL Global Communications. The company, based on the Australian Gold Coast, will be the team's IT Partner until 2014, and will provide some US$100,000 of equipment per year.

A1 Team Australia is currently eighth in the standings for the 2008/09 season. The team chairman is former Formula One world champion Alan Jones, backed by general manager and former Nascar driver Peter Nolan.

"We partnered with A1 Team Australia because we see value in the A1GP brand and identified a number of communication and technology requirements we thought we could assist with," said Darren Maggs, chief executive of MGL Global. "A1GP provides us a substantial potential to reach foreign markets with international races and a business penetration that would otherwise take considerably longer to establish. As a rapidly growing global business, we see this providing us an opportunity to showcase ourselves to the world while having the team utilise our products and services."

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