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(SPEEDWAY 1)POOLE opened the defence of their Elite League title with an entertaining48-42 win over Swindon at Wimborne Road.The result handed them two league points and the visitors took a point for losing by six or less.Pirates boss Neil Middleditch said: "Fair play to Swindon, they managed their tactics well to get a point from it, but we worked hard and I thought it was a terrific meeting."(SPEEDWAY 2)WOLVERHAMPTON boss Peter Adams was in a jubilant mood after seeing his side beat Lakeside 52-41 at Monmore.They went into the last six races two-points down but Freddie Lindgren scored a 15-point maximum to inspire a fine recovery.Said Adams: "For us to win the meeting and take maximum points after being behind for so long was a terrific achievement. It was a terrific meeting."(FIXTURES)WEDNESDAY APRIL 1PREMIER TROPHY: Birmingha m v Newport 7.30, King's Lynn v Rye House 7.30THURSDAY APRIL 2SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Ipswich v Coventry 7.30, Peterborough v Lakeside 7.30, Swindon v Eastbourne 7.30 PREMIER TROPHY: Redcar v Berwick 7.30, Sheffield v Edinburgh 7.45FRIDAY APRIL 3SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Coventry v Belle Vue 8pm, Lakeside v Peterborough 8pm PREMIER TROPHY: Edinburgh v Sheffield 7.30, Scunthorpe v Birmingham 7.30, Somerset v Rye House 7.30

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