Teka to sponsor Motocross

World  The FIM Motocross World Championship has secured a new sponsor in the shape of German manufacturer Teka Group. The manufacturer will sponsor the competition, which claims to have more than a billion viewers, for the next year, after agreeing a deal with Youthstream, the company that manages the exclusive television, marketing and promotional worldwide rights of the World Championship.

"The entire Motocross world thanks Teka for believing in our sport," said Giuseppe Luongo, president of Youthstream. "The presence of Teka as a main sponsor together with Red Bull, Braun, Hyundai and KTM gives big value and credibility to the FIM Motocross World Championship. If we look back to only a few years ago we see that Motocross had only local coverage, today there are more than half a million fans coming to the events, more than one billion TV viewers, more than 3.5 million visitors to the Youthstream website and more than 600 million newspaper and magazine readers. This is because we really believe in the potential of Motocross, we dream and we work very hard to make the dream come true."

Teka's chief executive, Markus Bau said: "The professional level of Motocross is a perfect match of high level of quality all employees of the Teka group are aiming for day by day. To be an official partner of World FIM Motocross gives the perfect dynamism to our growing business market. The investment in a sport with a clean image gives Teka Group a route to great business opportunities."

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