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SCUNTHORPE went top of their Premier Trophy section by taking maximum pointsfrom their home match with Birmingham.The Lincolnshire club won 53-41 with all of their top five riders scoring atleast eight points, and they now face five away matches in the nextfortnight.Scorpions' star Viktor Bergstrom said: "We've got a couple of big weeks now,but I'm happy to be on the bike as much as possible."


THE line-ups have now been confirmed for the semi-finals of the BritishUnder-21 Championship - with eight places in the Final at Lakeside up forgrabs.

PLYMOUTH (Apr 10): Jamie Courtney, Leah Lewis, Daniel Halsey, CharlesWright, Paul Starke, Jamie Pickard, Scott Meakins, Kyle Hughes, HarlandCook, Rob Smith, Danny Stoneman, Scott Richardson, Ricky Mullins, GregBlair, Daniel Blake, Kye Norton. Res: Richard Andrews.ISLE OF WIGHT (Apr 14): John Resch, Ben Hopwood, Jerran Hart, Aaron Baseby,Matthew Bates, Tim Webster, Michael Bovis, Andrew Braithwaite, LeeStrudwick, Ben Taylor, Adam Wrathall, Brendan Johnson, Adam Lowe, KyleNewman, Oliver Rayson, Mark Baseby. Res: Richard Franklin, Gary Cottham.



SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Eastbourne v Belle Vue 7.30

PREMIER TROPHY: Berwick v Edinburgh 7pm, Rye House v King's Lynn 7pm, Stokev Somerset 7.30, Workington v Glasgow 7pm


PREMIER TROPHY: Glasgow v Redcar 4pm, Newcastle v Sheffield 6.30, Newport vScunthorpe 3.30


SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Belle Vue v Lakeside 7.30

ELITE LEAGUE KO CUP: Wolverhampton v Swindon 7.30 

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