Aderholt Racing Back

as Associate Sponsor of Doran Racing

 ) Steve Aderholt, long time friend of Grand Am driver, Memo Gidley is back as an associate sponsor on the #77 McDonalds/Doran Racing prototype this weekend at VIR. 

Aderholt’s story is a familiar one among young businessmen who take up racing.  Steve was a frontrunner himself in Formula Mazda back in the late 80’s and 90’s until his involvement in both racing and his company grew until one or the other had to be put on hold.  Aderholt chose to focus on developing his business as a contractor working on major office buildings and casinos in Las Vegas, including the Aladdin, Paris, Venetian and the newest Trump Tower to name a few. 

Then, a few years ago, Steve made a chance phone call to Memo’s mother, and the two re-connected. “It was one of those out of the blue phone calls from a friend that you wonder why how you had ever drifted apart,” said Gidley.  “Now we do a lot together, drive cars, sail catamarans, go jet skiing, just hang out, he’s become a great friend.” 

It has only been the last few years, since he re-connected with Memo Gidley, that Steve has really re-connected with sport that he loves so much.  Under the advice from Memo, Steve first began by jump starting his driving in karts and the two have spent numerous days pounding around Northern California’s go kart tracks.  And then, last year, Steve bought a Radical SportsRacer which he keeps at the Spring Mountain Racetrack in Nevada.  The two travel to the racetrack a couple of times a month and spend the days driving fast and having fun.  “Memo and I have really had a lot of fun with racing and driving the last few years,” said Steve.  “I have a number of aspirations in racing, one of which is to keep getting faster myself, and having fun, and doing some races myself this year in my Sports Racer.”

As far as Steve’s long term plans with Memo, “Someday I want to be part owner of a team and I also want to see Memo race in Indy 500.  I want to help make this happen.  I have never seen a driver that is as dedicated and talented as Memo and I want to help him achieve his goals while being there to enjoy them.  Memo is really an inspiration to all on how he fought his way to the top to get to where he is today.”

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