Grand Prix race announced ...

 for historic sports cars

Historic racing will be recognised at the biggest event of the British motor sport season when a field of pre '70 sports and GT cars provides a support race to the 2009 British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday 21 June.

The news comes following confirmation that the Historic Sports Car Club has again been invited to organise the race. It was in 2006 that a similar field of cars last raced as a support event to the British Grand Prix and, with a sell-out crowd expected, it will be an enormous occasion. It may also be the final British Grand Prix to be held at Silverstone.

The race, which is likely to run after the Formula 1 feature event on Sunday afternoon, will be open to cars ranging from Lola T70Mk3Bs and Ford GT40s, to AC Cobras, Jaguar E-Types and smaller sports-racing cars from marques like Chevron, Elva and Lotus. Cars will run on treaded tyres.

"We are delighted that Silverstone Circuit Ltd and FOM have invited us to organise this race for the fourth year running," said Grahame White, chief executive of the HSCC. "I am hopeful that we can fill the 44-car grid very quickly."

Drivers interested in entering the race should contact the HSCC office as soon as possible on 01327 8584500, by fax to 01327 858500 and by e-mail to

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