MSA British Hillclimb Championship

Rounds 5 & 6 - Barbon Manor nr Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, May 9thRound 7 & 8 - Harewood Near Leeds, May 10th

Both days were badly affected by rain with Barbon managing only half the meeting after a torrential downpour caused a near 90 minute delay. Harewood suffered horrible drizzle and light rain almost throughout but managed to get the whole event completed.

Victorious in the only round at Barbon was Martin Groves who was not going to let his good start to 2009 slip away. Defending champion Scott Moran and his father Roger suffered from their new traction control at Barbon but this was well-fixed by Harewood and each took a win with Roger rolling back the years for his first success in a long while.

But Groves was still there with two thirds to inch a little further ahead and seems grimly determined to add a fourth crown to his tally this season. His co-driver, Paul Ranson, failed to get in the run-off at Barbon but at Harewood achieved his best ever result with a pair of second places. Chris Merrick did enough to keep his challenge on track ahead of Trevor Willis.

Results Round 5

1 Martin Groves (3.5 Gould-NME GR55) 21.58s Fastest Time of the Day; 2 Trevor Willis (2.8 OMS-Powertec) 21.83s; 3 Chris Merrick (4.0 Gould-Judd EV GR55) 22.43s; 4 Scott Moran (3.5 Gould-NME GR61X) 22.44s; 5 Eynon Price (1.6 Force Suzuki PC) 22.42s; 6 Steve Owen (1.6 OMS- Suzuki CF07) 23.89s; 7 Roger Moran (3.5 Gould-NME GR61X) 23.95s; 8 Andrew Platt (2.0 Dallara-Opel F397) 24.02s; 9 Andrew Crawford (3.5 Gould-Judd GR37) 24.60s; 10 Mike Fitzsimons (1.4 OMS-Suzuki CF04) 25.02; 11 John Bradburn (5.0 Westfield-Rover Seight) 23.39s; 12 Andy Coley (2.5 Gould-Opel GR55) Fail to start;

Round 6 - Not run

Round 7

1 Roger Moran 55.77s; 2 Ranson 57.45;  3 Groves 58.98s; 4 Merrick 60.24s; 5 Willis 60.98s; 6 Paul Haimes (2.0 Dallara-Opel F301) 61.29s; 7 Coley 61.36s; 8= Price 61.44s; 8= Scott Moran 61.44s; 10 Adam Fleetwood (1.4s DJ-Suzuki Firehawk) 61.64s; 11 Platt 62.90s; 12 Oliver Tomlin (4.0 Pilbeam-Judd MP97) 66.65s.

Round 8

1 Scott Moran 59.56s; 2 Ranson 60.06s; 3 Groves 61.52s; 4 Merrick 61.98s; 5 Roger Moran 62.03s; 6 Willis 62.99s; 7 Tom New (4.0 Gould-Judd EV GR55) 64.35s; 8 Haimes 64.94s; 9 Price 65.04s; 10 James Blackmore (1.6 OMS-Suzuki CF04) 66.30s; 11 Tomlin 66.49s; 12 Platt 67.54s.

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