MSA British Kart Championship

Round 2: Shenington 9/10 May 2009

Ben Cooper hit top form at a sunny Shenington in two thrilling finals.  In the first, class rookie Luke Wright saw all his hard work in the heats to earn a front row position vanish when he was bumped by Lee Bell, as poleman Elliot Burton took the lead.  Bell succumbed to Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Ben Cooper at the first hairpin, and then to the upwardly mobile Jonathan Walker.  Cooper nosed ahead of Burton with a light kiss, the latter falling several places in his endeavours to stay on terms.  Previous round double winner Jordon Lennox-Lamb, finding insufficient pace to stay with the new leader, was gobbled up by the pack, falling to seventh.  Walker sliced into first with Cooper fighting back as they traded the lead several times, the pace so hot they put three seconds on the rest, but Cooper managed to get back in front and defended to the flag. 

The battle re-commenced in the second final, Walker again managing to find a gap in Cooper's defence to snatch the lead, albeit briefly.  Cooper was put down to third behind Rob Foster-Jones, with defending champion Mark Litchfield finding form for the first time this season, accelerating into the lead with a neat move over Foster-Jones in the chicane.  Foster-Jones re-took the lead, but Litchfield was forced up the bank by an over-eager Richard Bradley trying to follow, the latter being later excluded from the race.  That just left the two final twists as Cooper, the reigning Rotax class world champion, squeezed through into the lead, with Foster-Jones losing speed trying to hold him off.  He fell into the clutches of Luke Wright and Lee Bell for fourth.  And finally Bell dived into the chicane to take the runner-up spot.Results

Final 1

1 Ben Cooper Tonykart/Vortex

2 Jonathan Walker Gillard/TM

3 Lee Bell Wright/Parilla

4 Rob Foster-Jones Alonso/Vortex

5 Elliot Burton Tonykart/Vortex

6 Mark Litchfield Maranello/Maxter

Final 2

1 Cooper

2 Bell

3 Luke Wright Tonykart/Vortex

4 Foster-Jones

5 Sam Snell Intrepid/TM

6 Jordon Lennox-Lamb Topkart/IAME

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