MSA British Junior Kart Championship

Round 2: Shenington 9/10 May 2009

Racing Steps Foundation-backed Jake Dennis starred at his local track with two wonderful wins.  In the first final, Sennan Fielding out-witted poleman Alexander Albon to lead the first corners, the pair then trading first place as Dennis sat in third.  Dennis upped the pace, slicing past both for the lead but was unable to sustain it for long.  Sam Blake and Alex Walker pulled the next group into touch, creating a ten kart express train hurtling round the track, nose to tail.  Dennis had just hit the front once more when Fielding and Walker tangled in the chicane, gifting a big cushion and the win to Dennis, with Blake, Jake Dalton and the Red Bull-backed Albon following. 

After two red flags to attend to crashed karts, the second final eventually got underway with Fielding having to pit to attend to a smashed sidepod.  Again a long train contested the lead, with Sam Blake leading from Dennis, Albon, Dalton and Callum Bowyer.  Dennis stepped up to the lead, with Dalton following; then Dalton took over as they pulled away from Albon.  Dalton put up a strong resistance to all the Dennis moves, until eventually Dennis executed a neat switch-back out of the chicane to snatch his second win. 

Final 1

1 Jake Dennis Topkart/TM

2 Sam Blake Octane/XTR

3 Jake Dalton Alonso/Maxter

4 Alexander Albon Tonykart/TM

5 Paul Hardy Intrepid/Maxter

6 Callum Bowyer Intrepid/tba

Final 2

1 Dennis

2 Dalton

3 Albon

4 Abigail Gerry Gillard/TM

5 Macaulay Walsh Birel/IAME

6 Jordan King Maranello/Maxter

Championship Standings

1 Jake Dennis 196

2 Alexander Albon 183

3 Sam Blake 168

4 Paul Hardy 165

5 Jordan King 164

6 Callum Bowyer 161

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