US F1 officials welcome later date for USGP

States Grand Prix officials have welcomed the decision to switch the 2012 Formula One grand prix in Austin, Texas, from June to November.

It has been  reported that F1 rights-holder Bernie Ecclestone circulated a new version of the 2012 calendar during the recent Hungarian Grand Prix. Although Ecclestone’s proposed schedule still needs to be approved by the International Motorsport Federation, US grand prix chairman Tavo Hellmund praised the later date than initially suggested for the return of F1 to the country.

“I have been hoping for a late-season race date since this project began and see this as a very positive sign from Formula One that it wants its US event to be an over-the-top success,” Hellmund told Autosport. “Mr Ecclestone has dozens of competing issues to consider when it comes to the race calendar. He has to balance the interests of the teams with those of the promoters and even consider the unique situation of each host country.”

Hellmund added: “To put our race near the end of the schedule puts us in a prime spot to welcome the world next year – and I could not be more personally and professionally appreciative.” Steve Sexton, president of Circuit of The Americas, added: “First and foremost, we want our fans to have a great experience when they come here. The prospect of milder weather makes that more likely. It also gives us time to better prepare our staff and the thousands of volunteers who will be supporting Formula 1 race week festivities.”