Ordonez Earns First Skip Barber National Win of Season at Lime Rock Park

Round 11: ‏An elated Sebastian Ordonez took home his first win of the season in Round 11 of the 2011 BFGoodrich/Skip Barber National presented by Mazda yesterday.

After missing the previous day’s qualifying session, Ordonez started eighth and worked his way up to fifth in the first lap at today’s event at Lime Rock Park. 

California Scents Pole sitter and championship points leader Scott Anderson maintained the lead until spinning out in lap 18. Anderson masterfully recovered and finished in fifth. MAZDASPEED Motorsports Development driver Trent Hindman finished second, earning his fifth podium of the season.

Current runner-up in the point standings, Brandon Newey, finished third, earning his eighth podium of the year.

 UNOFFICIAL Results for Round 11 of 16Lime Rock ParkStarting Position in parenthesis 1. (8) Sebastian Ordonez 2. (2) Brandon Newey +0.156) 3. (3) Trent Hindman (0.986) 4. (6) Shelby Blackstock (1.073)5. (1) Scott Anderson(2.307)6. (5) Danilo Estrela (5.243)7. (4) Franco Aragones (5.364)8. (9) Michael Johnson (36.160)9. (7) Brian Cook (1 Lap)Results will be official pending video review.