Porsche specialist - Bsmotorsport new site

Porsche specialist - Bsmotorsport new site

Racecar have just done a new web site for Neil at Bsmotorsport - the classic Porsche road and race specialist - now with a very high tech dyno room.

Neil has looked after some trick racecars - from firebreathing 800 + BHP Porsche 935's to modern tackle - and now is back to his roots preparing delightful classics like 911 2.4's, 2.8 RSR's and 3.0 RSR's.

Neil also does crazy things on boats - from preparing race engines for people racing hydroplanes to his own barking mad feat of going round the UK singlehanded (literally) as MrZapcat.com.

Anyway in addition to restoration and provision of race 911 parts - he also has a few cars for sale for too...

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