Campos Jr. aims for strong home showing in AutoGP

While with just two events to the end of the championship some drivers are looking to the Valencia weekend as a key step in the chase for the title, there's another driver for whom the Spanish weekend will be a very special one.Adrian Campos Jr was born in Valencia and lives in Alzira, just a few miles away from the Ricardo Tormo circuit, so the penultimate round of the Auto GP season will be a real home race for him. As a consequence, he obviously has high aims:

“Well, it really wasn't a lucky year for me, mainly because of the back injury I suffered in Monza, but if there is a track were I know things can come together in the right way, well it's Valencia. You know, it's a track that means a lot to me as I've seen its birth from its very first days. I was a child at that time, but I remember how it was looking when they started building it and I've seen it become a track appreciated by the highest levels of motorsport. So I have a special feeling with it, that's sure”.

Furthermore, this was the track where you were initially supposed to come back from your injury. You did an amazing job recovering in time for Donington, but surely you weren't in your best shape in the previous races. Now everything should be ok also from a physical point of view.“Well I really wanted to recover as soon as possible so surely I pushed the envelope a bit, but I wouldn't say it was a bad idea. I already had a lack of mileage compared to my rivals, so I didn't want it to become worse, that was the main reason behind that choice. At the start I wasn't in my best shape so things where a bit difficult, but there's no better training than real racing: now my back feels ok and in the last two meetings I had the time to get acquainted with the car again, so I'm in the ideal conditions to tackle this event. Obviously I must remember that my opponents have completed two race weekends more than me in the car, but I feel confident anyway”.

You did a test very early in the year in Valencia, do you think it will help?“Yes, it was my only test with the Auto GP car before the start of the season. It was January, so track temperatures were very different from what we'll find this weekend, but the data we gathered will be useful anyway, and at least I already know what to expect from the car. I remember it was really fun to drive around Valencia with the Auto GP car, especially in the last corner it was fun to manage the exit with a bit of oversteer”.Being your home track, we suppose you already raced on the Ricardo Tormo circuit many times.“Well I did in F.Bmw and in F3, and I got podium finishes and wins, so that's also why I'm eager to be racing here. I know that if the weekend runs smoothly, with no problems, I can really be good and fight at least for a podium finish, maybe more. Apart from that, when I race in Valencia I always have the support of my family and friends. I love racing but doing it in front of the people that are important for you makes it even better. That's why Valencia is so special for me, and that's why I will really do my best to clinch some great results”.