SPEEDWAY News and fixtures


LAKESIDE have secured the final place in the Elite League play-offs after nearest rivals Coventry were beaten at Eastbourne on Monday.The Hammers’ 46-point total proved to be too high for any of the chasing clubs, and they join Poole, Eastbourne and King’s Lynn in the title battle starting next week.Co-promoter Jon Cook said: “We are absolutely delighted that a season’s hard work has seen us reach our goal and now we intend to be in it to win it as, fingers crossed, this is the first time we have reached this stage of the season with a full squad of riders to choose from, albeit with replacements for Adam Shields and Piotr Swiderski. “In fact, as things stand, we actually have one too many riders and we will need to choose between Kauko Nieminen and Stuart Robson, which is a very nice dilemma to be in. Whoever we end up choosing, we feel we can give it a real go and we can’t wait for Monday to come.”(SPEEDWAY 2)

NATIONAL League leaders Stoke have chosen to face current second-placed club Mildenhall in the play-off semi-finals.Potters boss Malcolm Vasey commented: “It has been difficult to choose who to select as we have lost to all the teams that have qualified on their home circuits. We have great respect for all the clubs involved in the play-offs and we are in them to win them.”Mildenhall co-promoter Michael Lee added: “I can honestly say if it had been us making the choice we would have gone for Stoke, so from our point of view it could not have worked out better. One of the targets we set for the ‘new era’ at Mildenhall was to reach the play-offs. We've done that and, make no mistake, we now want to go on and win them.”The other semi-final will be contested between Scunthorpe/Sheffield and Belle Vue.(FIXTURES)

TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 13:NATIONAL LEAGUE KO CUP S/F 2nd leg: Isle of Wight v Mildenhall 7.30

WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 14:ELITE LEAGUE KO CUP S/F 1st leg: Poole v Eastbourne 7.30 ELITE LEAGUE KO CUP Q/F 1st leg: Belle Vue v Peterborough 8pm

THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 15:SKY SPORTS ELITE LEAGUE: Coventry v King’s Lynn 7.30 ELITE LEAGUE KO CUP Q/F 2nd leg: Peterborough v Belle Vue 7.30 PREMIER LEAGUE: Ipswich v Plymouth 7.30, Redcar v Edinburgh 7.30, Sheffield v Newcastle 7.45

FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 16:PREMIER LEAGUE: Plymouth v Workington 7.30, Scunthorpe v Leicester 7.30, Somerset v Redcar 7.30