Ginetta MSA British Junior Kart Championship

Round 6: Rowrah, 10-11 September

Callan O’Keeffe and Roy Johnson shared the wins amid tricky wet conditions at Rowrah.

O’Keeffe started the first final from pole and thundered to a nine-second win over Ben Barnicoat and Nikita Sidorov. However, in the second final O’Keeffe and Barnicoat spun off at the first hairpin and, although both were able to continue, it left Sidorov in the lead.

But Roy Johnson, who had dropped a lap in the first final after dicing for fourth with Sam Webster, was hammering through the pack, and overhauled the Russian to win. The recovering O’Keeffe followed through for second to keep a healthy points lead, while Barnicoat could only salvage 13th.

Results – Final 11 Callan O’Keeffe (Alonso)2 Ben Barnicoat (Topkart)3 Nikita Sidorov (Tonykart)

Results – Final 21 Roy Johnson (Tonykart)2 O’Keeffe3 Sidorov Championship positions (provisional)after Round 61 Callan O’Keeffe – 562 points2 Roy Johnson – 5443 Ben Barnicoat – 5224 Connor Jupp – 5005 Sam Webster – 479