Africa Eco Race 2012


The Africa Eco race2012 will have a rest day in the south of Morocco, not far from Daklha and just a few km from the Tropic of Cancer, before the route enters into the heart of the Mauritanian desert.

Dakhla, on the Atlantic coast, is a true temple of water sports and is regarded by many surfers, windsurfers and kitesurfer champions as one of the best spots in the world.

On the mouth of Rio de Ouro this small fishing port stretches along the shores of a beautiful lagoon, full of turquoise waters which is refuge to thousands of migratory birds (like the pink flamingos).The Dakhla region also harbours the largest population of monk seals but you can even come across stingrays and dolphins. A small piece of paradise.


The Africa Eco Race organization is eco-responsible and takes part in projects such as the recent plantation of 3.0000 eucalyptus trees in Mauritania, but the participants also contribute to the long term sustainable development of the region with a gesture for the African Continent and their populations. Among them, bike rider Ludovic Giangregorio and driver Jean-Nöel Julien.

The « Rev d’Av» of Ludovic Giangregorio…

For the fourth consecutive year, the Rev d’Av team will line up at the start of the Africa Eco Race. Two vehicles equipped with solar panels will ensure arrival at the timing sectors with total energetic autonomy. It's an engagement with the Africa Eco Race organization that comes with the desire to share and be associated with such a responsible project.

After equipping two Moroccan families with photovoltaic units during their participation on the 2011 edition, Rev d’Av again pursues it's engagement on behalf of those less well off. It's an important challenge in the eyes of it's co-founder Ludovic Giangregorio, who didn´t hesitate to use his entry in the moto category to bring more visibility to his project. "Classification is not the objective, but a passionate action to show that an éco-connection course and a project can come together in a meaningful way. "

During the 2012 edition, while crossing the south of Morocco, the two Rev d’Av vehicles will equip a centre in the Ach Barou region which is dedicated to children with learning disabilities. The photovoltaic panels will be delivered in person to the centre allowing the children to benefit from a free and eco-responsible access to electric power with all it's advantages.

Jean-Noël JULIEN

Already a contestant in 2011, Jean-Noël Julien dreams now of the great expanses of dunes that he will face once again in the 2012 edition. At the wheel of his Proto Mégane, he prepares his strategy and his weapons : " I'm impatient to be in Africa once more , as always… we are now fairly advanced on the car , adopting a new suspension, renewing the assisted steering system and working on general reliability. Before the Africa Race, iIwill enter in a course in Morocco, as a field test for all these improvements. The aim : be in the Top 5 at Dakar ! "

But aside from his sporting intentions, Jean-Noël pursues other aims, further linked to his passion for the African continent. A story that began 6 years ago. He's very discreet about it, even modest, but this Africa lover wanted to do something positive for the Africans.

"When we created the association « les Moteurs du Désert », the word « moteur » had several meanings and in particular to nourish, develop a project that will persevere in time. We've chosen the Keur Mory Diom village near M’Bour in Sénégal. A village where everything still needed to be done. We started by providing them with photovoltaic panels. This electric power supply allowed them to make the corn grinding machines work and optimise their production. We then built them a food storage warehouse and bought them all the stock, so that they could begin to start. The benefits from this commerce are for paying the manager to serve the village, to finance surgical procedures when needed or even to finance a child education. This warehouse really changed the village. Today, it is the school the focus of our attention. We will enlarge the floor, paint and provide new class tables… The aim is to finish all the work well . By our actions, our desire is above all, to be thankful to Africa for the hospitality and for the happiness that it has offered to us."