Race2Recovery at Rallyday

 The UK distributor for Carless Racing Fuels and Eni lubricants, Vital Equipment, was delighted to help Race2Recovery in its goal to raise funds for disabled servicemen and their families at Rallyday. The team's fleet of Qt Wildcats was running low on fuel and Vital Equipment was more than happy to provide the team with enough to continue to the end of the day.

Vital Equipment had set up a refuelling zone at the event, widely regarded as the UK's premier rally show. Because of its involvement in rallying, supplying fuel to almost every significant UK series and as distributor of the FIA control fuel for the World Rally Championship, Vital Equipment felt that a presence at the show would benefit all involved. It would mean that anyone running their car on the feature or rally stage or indeed, the 4x4 zone would be able to source fuel on-site and avoid the need to bring it with them and refuel at the event.

It made both super unleaded and high performance fuels available to those running on the circuit for demonstrations, which included the Ford Abu Dhabi World Rally Team, with Matthew Wilson driving a Ford Fiesta WRC and Harri Rovanpera at the wheel of the MML Sports Mitsubishi Lancer EvoX R4.

In addition to making fuel available to any driver who required it, the company was inundated with requests for information and orders for future events.

But the biggest surprise came towards the end of the day. Race2Recovery was offering visitors to the show passenger rides in a series of Qt Wildcats, to raise funds towards its goals. No less than five Wildcats were running throughout the entire day and not surprisingly, the 5.0-litre V8s had a healthy appetite for fuel.

By the mid-point of the afternoon, the fuel which had been brought in anticipation of completing the event was disappearing and the team approached Vital Equipment, to see if it would be able to supply enough fuel to complete the event and with it, maximise its fundraising activity.

Naturally, the company agreed to support this exceptional cause and within minutes, all five Wildcats were up and running again, much to the delight of the queue of eager passengers and with the thanks of the team.

Commenting, Vital Equipment MD Alistair Roberts said; "Because of our involvement with rallying, including providing the fuel in the WRC, we felt that we had to be present at Rallyday.

"As it transpired, it was a very good day for us. We provided fuel for several cars and teams, including Race2Recovery of course and we met a lot of potential new customers, so very worthwhile.

"I'm delighted that we were able to help the R2R team in their incredible campaign. Judging by the amount of mud on the Wildcat that came down, they were pretty busy all day and I'm pleased we were able to contribute in some way to their cause."