World Motor Sport Council meeting round up

A meeting of the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) took place in Singapore t(23 September). The following decisions were taken:


The WMSC received positive reports on the on-going situation in the preparation of the Indian Grand Prix from the Indian representative of the WMSC and the Formula One Commercial Rights Holder.FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIPThe regulations applicable to Shakedown Qualifying for P1 and P2 drivers on gravel rallies only have been agreed. A two-hour window will be allocated for free practice, during which drivers are permitted a maximum of two passes over the Qualifying Stage. Running in the order of the Championship classification, drivers will then be permitted one Qualifying run. Taking into account the stage times, P1 and P2 crews - in order of fastest to slowest - will then select their start positions. Any driver not completing the Qualifying Stage will choose their position last. On subsequent days, all Priority 1 and 2 crews will restart in reverse order of their provisional overall classification.From 1 January 2012 organisers of WRC events will be allowed to specify whether cars are permitted to re-start after retirement. As the WRC seeks to move into new territories, it is recognised that a more flexible approach is required in order to fit in with local infrastructures.The 2012 FIA World Rally Championship calendar is confirmed as follows:

17-22/01 Rallye Monte-Carlo 09-12/02 Rally Sweden 08-11/03 Rally Mexico 29/03-01/04 Rally Portugal 27-29/04 Rally Argentina 25-27/05 Acropolis Rally 22-24/06 Rally of New Zealand 02-05/08 Rally Finland 24-26/08 Rallye Deutschland 13-16/09 Rally of Great Britain 04-07/10 Rallye de France - Alsace 18-21/10 Rally d’Italia 01-04/11 Rally de España

Note: The finish date given is the Sunday of the rally weekend. Itineraries are however subject to final confirmation by event organisers.FIA Production Car World Rally Championship

17-22/01 Rallye Monte-Carlo 08-11/03 Rally Mexico 27-29/04 Rally Argentina 25-27/05 Acropolis Rally 22-24/06 Rally of New Zealand 24-26/08 Rallye Deutschland 18-21/10 Rally d’Italia 01-04/11 Rally de España

Six nominated events from eight count towards the Championship.FIA Super 2000 World Rally Championship

17-22/01 Rallye Monte-Carlo 09-12/02 Rally Sweden 29/03-01/04 Rally Portugal 22-24/06 Rally of New Zealand 02-05/08 Rally Finland 13-16/09 Rally of Great Britain 04-07/10 Rallye de France - Alsace 01-04/11 Rally de España

Seven nominated events from eight count towards the Championship.RALLYINGA number of amendments have been made to the 2012 Sporting, Technical and Homologation Regulations in order to harmonise Regional Rally Championship regulations with those of the WRC. Registration will however no longer be necessary for the Regional Rally Championships.The following 2012 calendars were agreed:FIA European Rally Championship

05-07/01 International Jännerrallye 19-21/04 Rally Mille Miglia 24-26/05 Croatia Rally 08-10/06 Rally Bulgaria 22-24/06 GEKO Ypres Rally 06-08/07 Bosphorus Rally 26-28/07 Rally Vinho da Madeira 31/08-02/09 Barum Czech Rally Zlín 13-15/09 Rally Principe de Asturias 28-30/09 Rally Poland 12-14/10 Rallye Antibes Côte d’Azur 25-27/10 Rallye International du Valais

FIA African Rally Championship

16-18/03 Toyota Zimbabwe Challenge Rally 19-21/04 Sasol Rally South Africa 11-13/05 Zambia International Rally 08-10/06 Safari Rally Kenya 13-15/07 KCB Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally 24-26/08 Kobil Rally of Tanzania 13-15/09 KCB Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally 16-18/11 Rally International Madagascar

FIA Middle East Rally Championship

27-28/01 Qatar International Rally 22-24/03 Kuwait International Rally 12-14/04 Saudi Arabia Rally* 03-05/05 Jordan Rally 07-09/09 Rally of Lebanon 27-29/09 Syrian Rally 02-04/11 Cyprus Rally 29/11-01/12 Dubai International Rally

*Subject to FIA confirmation.FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship

31/03-01/04 Rally of Whangarei 28-29/04 Rallye de Nouvelle Calédonie 26-27/05 Rally Queensland 14-15/07 Malaysian Rally 15-16/09 Rally Hokkaido 03-04/11 China Rally

FIA NACAM Rally Championship

22/04 México 1 20/05 México 2 08/07 Costa Rica 02/09 Peru 14/10 Panama * (subject to confirmation) 18/11 Colombia

FIA CODASUR Rally Championship

24-25/03 Rally de Encarnación 26-27/05 Rally de Erechim 28-29/07 Rally de Santa Cruz 29-30/09 Rally de Apóstoles 17-18/11 Rally del Atlántico

The FIA European Rally Cup calendars were also confirmed.CROSS COUNTRYTo encourage a balanced participation in events, from 1 January 2012 drivers and teams will be required to participate in at least one Baja and one Cross Country event in order to be eligible to score points for the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies.The size of the air restrictors for petrol and diesel engined T1 vehicles for the next four years (2012-2015) was agreed. Details will be available on in due course.2012 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies calendar

15-18/03 Italian Baja 30/03-06/04 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 01-07/05 Rallye International de Tunisie 25/05-02/06 Rally TT Estoril – Marrakech 20-22/07 Baja España Aragon 23-26/08 Hungarian Baja 05-08/09 Baja Poland* 29/09-06/10 Pharaohs Rally 01-03/11 26th Baja Portalegre 500 25-26/11 Baja Qatar*

*Subject to the event observation reportFIA WORLD TOURING CAR CHAMPIONSHIPFrom 1 January 2012, points will be awarded for the five top-placed cars after Q2, in order to reward the performance of more drivers according to the following scale:

1st 5 points 2nd 4 points 3rd 3 points 4th 2 points 5th 1 point

In addition, the top 12 cars from Q1 will be retained for Q2, rather than the current 10, and the starting grid for Race 2 will be determined by reversing the top 10 drivers from Q2.From 2012 tyres will be limited; 16 new tyres will be permitted for the first event in which a driver participates, and from the driver’s second participation 20 tyres will be allowed, with a maximum of 12 new. There will be a maximum of 16 rain tyres.The 2011 regulations for engines and turbos will remain, namely the permitted use of one engine and six turbos per season per driver. However from 2012 when an additional engine is used, the driver will start from the back of the grid, unless this is the result of an accident and the penalty is waived by the Stewards. If more than six turbos are used, the driver will also start from the back of the grid.2012 FIA World Touring Car Championship calendar:

11/03 * Monza 01/04 * Valencia 15/04 * Donington 29/04 * TBA Germany 06/05 * Hungaroring 20/05 * Marrakech 10/06 * Porto 22/07 * Curitiba 23/09 * Infineon Raceway 21/10 Suzuka 04/11 * Shanghai 18/11 * Macau

* Subject to confirmation of the ASN.

FIA WORLD ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIPAs previously announced, the FIA World Endurance Championship - in partnership with the ACO - will comprise a minimum of six events, including the “Le Mans 24 Hours”. Apart from this event, the duration of the races will be six to 12 hours. The Championship is exclusively reserved for Le Mans Prototype (LMP) and Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance (GTE) cars, although cars using technologies considered to be innovative may be admitted without scoring points.FIA World Endurance Championship titles will be awarded to the champion Drivers and Manufacturer (reserved for the LMP1 category). In addition, a World Cup will be awarded to the winning LMGTE Manufacturer (including pro and am), as well as FIA Endurance Trophies to the winning teams of LMP2, LME GTAM, LMGTE PRO and best private LMP1.For all events other than the Le Mans 24 Hours, points will be awarded according to the following scale for all categories: 1st 25 points 2nd 18 points 3rd 15 points 4th 12 points 5th 10 points 6th 8 points 7th 6 points 8th 4 points 9th 2 points 10th 1 point And beyond 0.5 point (awarded to any car classified lower than 10th in the general classification)

For the Le Mans 24 Hours only, these points will be doubled.In each category an additional point will be awarded to the car in Pole Position and each driver of its crew.In order to control costs, there will be limits on private testing and the number of engines used during a season.The technical regulations are based on the current 2011 ACO LMP and GTE rules with some adjustments:

- Review of the equivalence between gasoline and diesel technologies- Reinforcement of safety (aerodynamic of cars; rear view visibility for GT cars; braking of hybrid cars)

FIA GT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPThe WMSC noted the on-going discussions between the promoter SRO and the teams concerning the organisation of the 2012 FIA GT World Championship on the basis of the proposed technical regulations. A deadline of 30 November was fixed for the confirmation of the entries and the calendar.TRUCK RACINGTo increase flexibility, the regulations from 2012 will permit any change of driver until the official closing date of the event concerned.From 2012, the use of re-treaded tyres on all axles is prohibited for safety reasons.2012 FIA European Truck Racing Championship calendar

20/05 Misano 03/06 Albacete 24/06 Nogaro 01/07 * Donington Park 15/07 Nürburgring 29/07 * Smolensk 02/09 Most 23/09 Zolder 07/10 Jarama 14/10 Le Mans

* Subject to confirmation of the ASNs.A new event in Turkey will be added to the calendar, and the number of events competitors can miss will be increased from two to three.WOMEN IN MOTOR SPORTThe FIA President was pleased to announce that at the 2011 Annual Women in the Winner’s Circle Foundation event hosted by Lyn St. James and held in Indianapolis, the “2011 Leadership Award” was presented to the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, recognising the establishment of a global organisation that will strengthen the participation of women in all areas of motor sport.HISTORIC MOTOR SPORTA new Category 4 will be created from 2012, permitting cars from Period J1 (1982-1985) to compete for the FIA European Historic Sporting Rally Championship.VOLUNTEERS AND OFFICIALSAs previously agreed by the WMSC, annual FIA awards will be presented to volunteers and officials in order to recognise the valuable work of motor sport personnel around the world. In addition to the six awards for senior and other officials, marshals and scrutineers, the eligibility for the inaugural award for the ‘Outstanding Official of the Year’ will be extended – for 2011 only – to any exceptional official from any period of motor sport. The 2011 award will therefore be presented to the ‘Most Outstanding Official’. ASNs must send their nominations to the FIA by 15 October.SAFETYThe regulations for the use of the double waved yellow flag have been reinforced to include marshals working on or beside the track also warranting such a signal of danger.KARTINGFrom 2012, drivers in the CIK-FIA World KF1 Championship will select their engines by drawing lots. When engine manufacturers enter the Championship they shall put a defined number of identical and sealed engines at the disposal of the drivers. When entering the Championship, drivers will indicate their engine brand of choice; two engines will then be allocated by means of a lottery to each driver at each of the five rounds of the Championship.In order to offer drivers a more attractive programme, the number of events counting towards the CIK-FIA European KF2 and KF3 Championships will be increased to two from 2012. This replaces the current format of two regional qualifying events followed by a final.A number of calendars for the various karting World and continental Championships, Cups and Trophies were approved.FORMULA 3

The introduction of the new Formula 3 engine has been postponed until 1 January 2013.