Music and Racing combine at the Britcar 24hr

Alistair Griffin Headlines Britcar 24hr 2011, Silverstone 30th Sept - 2nd Oct

In November 2010, The BBC F1 team put on a show that would in time be nominated for,and go on to win a BAFTA. Unknowingly, the team were also responsible for creating aninternet phenomenon through their choice in song to accompany the visuals to the closingmontage of what was undoubtedly the most exciting season in recent F1 history. AlistairGriffinʼs ʻJust Driveʼ was subjected to 100,000 youtube views in 24 hours and with no otherpromotion went on to sell 25,000 copies and and featured in the UK top 40 chart.Just Drive has become a favorite among motors port teams, car manufactures andpetrolheads alike. Alistair was recently invited to perform at the British Grand Prix atSilverstone and has also played for Timo Glock and Jerome DʼAmbrosio at the MarussiaVirgin Racing Weekend.Alistair was honored to be asked to play at Britcar 2011 at Silverstone. He said, ʻTheunprecedented success of Just Drive has really launched me into the exciting world ofmotor sport. It is great to be back at Silverstone having recently performed at the BritishGrand Prix, I love performing to the racing crowd and have made many new friends. I hopeI can provide a well earned break for racing fans from the overwhelming excitement of thisyears 24 hr race.ʼ

Alistair Griffin follows up the Top 40 success of Just Drive with new single Blinding Lightsour on 10th October. One of the outstanding tracks from his forthcoming album Albion Sky,it punctuates Griffinʼs ear for melodic intricacy. Featuring the production talents of EdBuller (White Lies) it reveals yet another layer of songwriting prowess from the Yorkshirebased artist.

Following the Top 20 success of Alistairʼs first album Bring It On, Albion Sky is a quantumleap forward and will be released in late 2011. Featuring Just Drive and new singleBlinding Lights alongside the soon to be stadium anthem title track Albion Sky the albumfeatures production collaborations with both Ed Buller, Elliot Kennedy and Ian GrimbleGriffin is a unique talent and is very much in charge of his musical destiny. Both honestand heartwarming, Blinding Lights and album Albion Sky will ensure that the credit due tothis enduring talent is finally given.