Babini Clinches Lamborghini Crown In Style

Fabio Babini won the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Pro Drivers’ title at Germany’s Hockenheimring on 2 October 2011, clinching two wins from the weekend’s three races in the process to seal the glory in style.

The series welcomed 24 Hours of Le Mans class winner Tomáš Enge, who joined 
Gravity-Charouz Racing’s Teams’ title charge in the #88 entry. Meanwhile, Scandinavian touring car racer Martin Öhlin made his Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo alongside Jochen Übler, editor of German publication Auto Motor und Sport, in the #2 Automobili Lamborghini VIP guest car.

Elsewhere, Superstars Series racer Michela Cerruti completed the guest line-up, becoming the second woman to compete in the series when she drove the #1 Automobili Lamborghini VIP guest car. Cerruti entered the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo following an agreement between the Italian marque and the Commissione Sportiva Automobilistica Italiana (CSAI).

It was series veteran Babini that stole the show however. The 2009 Pro Drivers’ Champion regained the crown he lost last season by claiming two stunning victories with his co-pilot Matteo Zucchi.

The pair was denied a triple victory when Pro-Am driver Cédric Leimer drove to an excellent win in race three. The talented Swiss pilot climbed from a sixth-place start to take the victory in a seamless performance.

As a result, Zucchi leads both Gerhard Tweraser and C. Leimer at the top of the hard-fought Pro-Am Drivers’ Standings by 23 points as they move to Barcelona for a tense finale.

“We’ve had an excellent weekend: the car felt brilliant,” said Babini. “We’ve had great weather and there is a fantastic crowd at the track, so I’m very happy to win my second Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo title here.

“Although being champion is great, I am still working for the team and supporting Matteo in the Pro-Am Drivers’ Standings, so the season’s not over yet. There is one race weekend to go, and Gravity-Charouz Racing is getting stronger, so we will fight until the last race.”

QualifyingAutovitesse Garage R. Affolter’s C. Leimer secured pole position after dominating the morning’s qualifying session. The Swiss racer took early control with a lap time of 1:43.729 that none of his rivals managed to better during the 30-minute session. Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L.’s Babini set a lap time of 1:43.897 to secure second, while his title rival Peter Kox recorded a time of 1:44.639 to earn third with his co-pilot Nico Pronk.

Round 13Pole-sitter Leimer was denied victory in the opening encounter when a mistake five laps from the end of the race allowed Babini and Zucchi to take the win, pushing the former just one triumph away from the Pro Drivers’ title.

Gravity-Charouz Racing locked out the last two spots on the podium, with Gerhard Tweraser and Filip Sladecka taking second position ahead of team-mates Jakub Knoll and Erik Janiš.

“It was not easy for Matteo at the beginning of the race, Cédric was very fast,” said Babini. “It was difficult to close the gap, but we know that we can be faster than him, and have been many times. We closed a little and for us it was good that he made a mistake. It allowed me to pass without pushing the car too much. At this stage in the season it was very good for the team.”

Round 14Babini sealed the Pro Drivers’ title in emphatic fashion, winning round 14 after successfully chasing down Knoll in the closing laps.

Knoll inherited the lead when his co-pilot Janiš, stormed to the front of the pack from third place prior to the pit-stop window. Knoll emerged from the pits several seconds ahead of Babini, but the Italian closed in to overtake him three laps from the end. Knoll held on to take second, with Tweraser and Sladecka making a repeat visit to the podium in third.

“I still wanted to do better,” said Tweraser. “We lost about three seconds in the pit and then Filip had a problem with the gearbox on the straight. We managed to close the gap but it was not possible to catch Babini, so we had to be satisfied and take our points. These have moved me up to second in the Pro-Am Drivers’ Standings so it is a great result from that perspective.”

Round 15

C. Leimer got his Pro-Am Drivers’ title chase back on track by clinching victory in the final race of the weekend. Beginning in sixth, he climbed to fourth by the start of the changeover window, before profiting from problematic pit-stops for all three cars ahead of him to take the lead.

C. Leimer held on to take the win in the closing stages despite a determined drive from Babini, who recovered from Zucchi’s fifth position to take second place ahead of Tweraser and Sladecka.

“It’s been a great end to the weekend,” said Leimer. “Having started so well I had some bad luck to finish sixth and seventh in the other races, so I really didn’t expect to do this well. I thought that I could perhaps finish fourth or fifth, with the main aim of getting more points for the Pro-Am title, so to win is brilliant!”

The 2011 Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo season concludes at Barcelona, Spain, on 28-30 October 2011.

Qualifying results 

1. Leimer C. (#63), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, 1:43.729

2. Babini/Zucchi (#22), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., 1:43.897

3. Pronk/Kox (#76), Reiter, 1:44.639

4. Charouz/Enge (#88), Gravity-Charouz Racing, 1:44.790

5. Sladecka/Tweraser (#77), Gravity-Charouz Racing, 1:45.153

6. Ragazzi/Carboni (#80), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., 1:45.217

7. Fassitelli (#11), Bonaldi Motorsport, 1:46.003

8. Seveso (#20), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., 1:46.081

9. Cerruti/Fasanetto (#1), Automobili Lamborghini, 1:46.168

10. Mamé/Zanardini (#3), Bonaldi Motorsport, 1:46.243

11. Übler/Öhlin (#2), Automobili Lamborghini, 1:46.711

12. Knoll/Janiš (#99), Gravity-Charouz Racing, 1:46.809

13. Leimer H./Jenny (#19), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, 1:47.338

Round 13 results 

1. Babini/Zucchi (#22), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., 40:27.545

2. Sladecka/Tweraser (#77), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 1.472

3. Knoll/Janiš (#99), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 23.841

4. Ragazzi/Carboni (#80), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., + 29.320

5. Seveso (#20), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., + 52.138

6. Leimer C. (#63), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, + 52.517

7. Mamé/Zanardini (#3), Bonaldi Motorsport, + 1:28.235

8. Fassitelli (#11), Bonaldi Motorsport, + 1 lap

Not classified

Charouz/Enge (#88), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 10 laps

Leimer H./Jenny (#19), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, + 14 laps

Übler/Öhlin (#2), Automobili Lamborghini, + 19 laps

Pronk/Kox (#76), Reiter, + 19 laps

Cerruti/Fasanetto (#1), Automobili Lamborghini, + 20 laps

Round 14 results

1. Babini/Zucchi (#22), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., 41:45.669

2. Knoll/Janiš (#99), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 3.600

3. Sladecka/Tweraser (#77), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 4.778

4. Charouz/Enge (#88), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 19.369

5. Fassitelli (#11), Bonaldi Motorsport, + 26.839

6. Ragazzi/Carboni (#80), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., + 32.621

7. Leimer C. (#63), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, + 37.047

8. Übler/Öhlin (#2), Automobili Lamborghini, + 1:12.520

9. Leimer H./Jenny (#19), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, + 1:40.203

10. Cerruti/Fasanetto (#1), Automobili Lamborghini, + 1:40.443

11. Seveso (#20), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., + 1 lap

12. Pronk/Kox (#76), Reiter, + 7 laps

Not classifed

Mamé/Zanardini (#3), Bonaldi Motorsport, + 14 laps

Round 15 results 

1. Leimer C. (#63), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, 40:13.584

2. Babini/Zucchi (#22), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., + 4.893

3. Sladecka/Tweraser (#77), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 7.145

4. Ragazzi/Carboni (#80), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., + 9.212

5. Fassitelli (#11), Bonaldi Motorsport, + 29.159

6. Pronk/Kox (#76), Reiter, + 33.501

7. Cerruti/Fasanetto (#1), Automobili Lamborghini, + 34.536

8. Leimer H./Jenny (#19), Autovitesse Garage R. Affolter, + 45.944

9. Übler/Öhlin (#2), Automobili Lamborghini, + 1:13.547

10. Seveso (#20), Autocarrozzeria Imperiale S.R.L., + 7 laps

Not classified

Charouz/Enge (#88), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 9 laps

Knoll/Janiš (#99), Gravity-Charouz Racing, + 9 laps

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