Ceccon reflects onm winning AutoGP title

Just ten days after turning 18, Kevin Ceccon clinched the Auto GP title, succeeding Romain Grosjean in the Series roll of honour. The young Italian talent closed the season with a  three points advantage on Luca Filippi after a last weekend full of drama in Mugello. Today, after a night that was what he needed to cope with the incredible emotions of such an important day, here are the Auto GP Champion thoughts. So Kevin, how does it feel being the new Auto GP Champion?“It’s an amazing feeling. Yesterday after the race I was a bit confused, all that people cheering me, all that pats on my back, all the compliments… it was amazing but frankly I was just overwhelmed by the emotions. This morning I finally realized what I did, and I feel like a king, in peace with myself and with the world out there. I had all I could ask from this 2011, going even beyond what were my expectations at the start of the season. My aim was the Under 21 title and I clinched also the overall one, I debuted in GP2… what more could I ask? So today I woke up with a wonderful feeling, I did hit all the targets and that feels so good...”. Tell us how did you live yesterday’s Race 2, the one that gave you the title?“It wasn’t an easy one, there was a lot of tension in the air and managing it was a difficult task. At the beginning, when Afanasiev jumped the start and then stalled, keeping a cool mind wasn’t easy, neither was avoiding his still car when the lights went off. Luckily there were no issues there, but even after that things weren’t looking too good for me. When I was eight and Filippi was 4th the gap in the standings was reduced to just one point, and Luca seemed in the condition to pass Crestani. I understood that I had to attack and I passed Venturini and after that I knew that, if nothing strange happened, the title was going to be mine. After the finish I was so happy that I drove nearly the whole honour lap with my hands up in the air, I will never forget that”.Your season had many great moments, what were the best ones in your opinion?“There are many as you said, from the first time I drove the car, quite a shock coming from F3, to the first podium finish in Monza, and then the Budapest win. Anyway, nothing can eat yesterday’s emotions. Clinching the title in Italy made everything even more special, with so many people coming in Mugello just to support me: they first gave me a boost with their encouraging words, and then they were great in cheering me after the race: the roar they made at the prize giving when I raised the Trophy is something I will never forget, as well as the faces of the Ombra Racing guys that worked so hard to give me a top car.Tell us about your relation with your title rivals.“Well, first of all I want to say that what made me especially happy was winning with such strong rivals. Filippi doesn’t need any introduction, and Afanasiev showed everybody what he’s capable of, showing and amazing progression. I got on very well with them and it was the same with nearly everybody else: the relaxed atmosphere between us and between the teams is one of the best aspects of Auto GP, our rivalry is limited to the track. Filippi, in particular, is a real friend: he helped me a lot at the start of the season, never saying no if I needed an help. Yesterday, instead that being pissed off for losing the title by just three points, he was happy for me. And at night we went out together to celebrate, together with Tambay who is another really nice guy”.And now, what’s coming?“Now, at least for today, I just want to enjoy the feeling of this success. Then, I have to say that after doing my job on track in the best possible way, it’s up to the people who works with me to find the right backing for the next aim, that obviously is GP2.Romain Grosjean, who won the Auto GP title before me, this year clinched the GP2 title in dominant fashion, but obviously that wouldn’t be my aim next year. If I manage to get to GP2 at just 18, I will have one full year to learn without pressure, and that would be mega, really”.