Kimi says his Rally of France road section shunt was a 'stupid accident'

Kimi Raikkonen's Ice 1 Racing team manager Benoit Nogier said the Finn described his exit from the opening day of Rally de France as a "stupid accident."

Raikkonen explained his crash, when the Citroen driver hit the back of Henning Solberg's Ford on the road section to stage three, when he arrived back in service in Strasbourg earlier today. Nogier said: "Henning had passed Kimi on the road section. They were both weaving to warm up their tyres, but Kimi had to go back past Henning because he was going to start the stage before him.

"Henning had stopped weaving and was in a straight line to the right side of the road. Kimi thought he had left the space for him to pass him, so he went by. Just as he was passing him, Henning braked hard to try and warm up the brakes."

It was at that point that the front-right corner of Raikkonen's Citroen made contact with the left-rear of the Solberg Fiesta. The collision broke the suspension on the DS3 and put Raikkonen in a ditch on the left hand side of the road.

"Kimi said Henning got straight out of the car and apologised, saying he hadn't seen him at all," continued Nogier. "Kimi said it was just a stupid accident, one of those things. He said Henning should get in the car and go drive the stage. It was one of those bizarre accidents."

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