Facu Regalia takes top-ten finishes in maiden Formula 3 Euro races

 Mücke Motorsport´s Argentinean driver finished 10th in both races on Saturday, gaining experience and improving his times at the wheel of Dallara F308-Mercedes.

Facu Regalia completed another day of hard work in competitive Formula 3 Euro Series, a championship where he is making his debut with Mücke Motorsport. At the end of the day, and after improving with every lap, Regalia finished 10th in both races.

The 19 years old  was 12th on the starting grid in race one. He made a good start, “despite those cars are difficult. Unfortunately, I had to brake when I approached Turn-1, because I had to avoid a collision with a rival. It meant to lose one or two places”. However, Regalia began to gain ground, and he overtook other drivers to be 10th at the end. “My times at the end of the race were as good as drivers´ times fighting for podium, and I was at least half-second faster than drivers in front of me”, Regalia explained.

In race two, Regalia was 10th on the starting grid, and he made another good start. But, as happened in the morning, a collision put him back. From then until the end, Regalia completed a clever race, avoiding accidents and crossed the finish line 10th. “I feel more confident with Mücke´s Dallara-Mercedes, and my improvement is obvious. For me it´s very important to finish every race, because I need accumulate mileage with this car and it would be a problem to retire”, Unfortunately Regalia suffered an accident during first lap on Sunday, because he lost control while braking as a result of bump and he collided with Laurens Vanthoor and Carlos Muñoz.  He was forced to retire.