Red Bull Day 1 Practice Quotes

Sebastian Vettel, P1 - 2nd; P2 - 2nd“It’s an interesting track, a good challenge. It was very dusty to start with, but the track seems fun, especially the wide entries which give a lot of options to all the drivers. It should be a good race on Sunday. It’s dusty off-line, which makes it tricky, so we’ll have to make sure we stay on the racing line. It’s a good circuit for overtaking I think, with long straights and wide entries. The long run seemed good today, so let’s see how we go tomorrow.”

Mark Webber, P1 - 3rd; P2 - 5th“It’s a good track with good Formula One corners, there are quick left-rights and you can take a lot of the corners in 5th gear. Turn Three is a unique corner, it’s very slow, but it’s uphill and quite extreme on the elevation. Turn Four is also not straightforward, so they’re both challenging and I like the two quick chicanes - they’re enjoyable. Even though the track is wide, it’s quite greasy off-line, so most people will follow the racing line. This morning went well; this afternoon less so, but we’ll get it back tomorrow.”