Successful Auto GP test for Facu Regalia

The Argentinian driver completed a two-day test at the wheel of Lola B05/50 Zytek V8 lined up by Campos Racing.  

Thursday was an adaptation day,  as Regalia explained: “it was a very good first day for us, in spite of this car is very different from Formula 3 cars which I have driven this year. I had to change my driving style, because this singleseater is really amazing under braking and acceleration conditions”.

Just minor throttle problems Thursday prevented him “ improving my lap times on fresh tyres, because this problem cost a few tenths lap by lap”.

Friday´s test session was another step forward for Regalia, whio improved his performance again and, at the end, he was just two tenths slower than Luca Filippi who has  experience in GP2 and with this kind of car.

“My day was almost perfect, and all of us were really impressed because my lap times were rather good. I have finished very close to Filippi, and it is fair to say another driver blocked me and maybe I could have improve a couple of tenths. I understood how this kind of tyres worked, which was one of my targets today”.

Regalia thanked Adrián Campos. "It was an amazing experience to work with an engineer coming from GP2 and a team like Campos Racing. Now I need working towards my next target: tests for GP3".

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