Paint your message Orange with the FERM Power Tools World Rally Team

FERM Power Tools World Rally Team offers a unique high speed billboard to send an important messageThe FERM Power Tools World Rally Team today made a novel offer to motorsport fans to send a message to the world using the medium of sponsorship that will feature as part of the livery of Dennis Kuipers' WRC car in a forthcoming round of the 2012 championship. The opportunity on the rally car will be auctioned this week in support of the Richard Burns Foundation.

FERM’s marketing boss Roel Schoondermark explained, “If you are planning to propose to your girlfriend, want to wish someone a happy 21st birthday or just can’t find the appropriate way to say something important, we are offering the public the chance to put their message below the doorplates or elsewhere on our rally car for a round of the 2012 World Rally Championship. For three days, your message will be visible to the world’s media and Dennis will be your personal message courier, driving more than 300kms super-fast to make sure it is delivered. All we are asking is that whoever would like to take up this opportunity – maybe with their company logo or perhaps an individual’s personal message – to make a donation to the Richard Burns Foundation.”

Bids for the sponsorship opportunity open by email today and close at noon on this Saturday. The winning bid will be announced by Sky News anchor, Jon Desborough, at the RallyFest event on Saturday night of the Wales Rally GB as part of the auction of WRC and Formula One memorabilia which will take place at Cardiff Castle in support of the Richard Burns Foundation and its Paint It Orange campaign.The highest bid will not necessarily win; the final selection will be at the sole discretion of the FERM Power Tools World Rally Team, who will seek to ensure that the most positive, spirited and optimistic message is carried in the team’s livery to reflect the charitable intent behind the offer.

Robert Reid of the Richard Burns Foundation said, “The Foundation is hugely grateful to the FERM Power Tools World Rally Team for giving our fund-raising around the tenth anniversary of Richard’s 2001 World title a completely unique dimension. Sponsorship is of course normally the preserve of companies, but this idea thrusts the opportunity into the hands of those it would not normally reach and I will be fascinated to see what kind of message wins the day. And I have to say, it is serendipitous that the FERM Fiesta WRC just happens to be running in an orange livery at the height of our Paint It Orange campaign.”Here’s the small print:-- Applicants should send their message, either as plain text or artworked, by email, to by noon, Saturday November 12 to: - Messages should be short and clear. - A donation sum in £GBP or € should be quoted with the application (the sum will fall due a week prior to the selected event taking place).- Messages should be expressed in mother tongue with English translations provided. No offensive or abusive content will be given consideration and weight will be given to messages encapsulating a positive spirit. FERM Power Tools WRT reserve all rights in relation to corporate applications to avoid conflicts with contracted sponsors.- The final selection of the winning applicant will be at the sole discretion of the FERM Power Tools World Rally Team and no correspondence will be entered into.- The livery position on the FERM Power Tools World Rally Team will be dictated by operational requirements and team sponsors will have first demand on inventory; however, in the spirit of the offer, all reasonable endeavour will be made to give the message due prominence in the car livery for the duration of one round of the World Rally Championship next season.- The FERM Power Tools World Rally Team 2012 WRC programme is not yet finalised; however, it is intended that this livery opportunity will run on a rally in the first half of the 2012 championship.- None of the above constitutes a formal offer and is not binding.- And oh yeah, your message doesn’t have to be orange. It can be any colour you like. JAll funds raised from the “Paint It Orange” campaign will help to address the startling lack of neurological provision in the UK. Neurological injury and illness is a bigger cause of serious disability in the UK than cancer, heart disease and diabetes put together. Over a million people – half of these children and young adults – suffer a head injury every year. Alongside neuro injury, neurological illness has an incredible diversity of manifestations, from foetal diseases such as Spina Bifida, through to conditions that afflict the young, such as Cerebral Palsy & Meningitis; the unrelenting assault from neuro conditions continues through adult life, with brain tumours about 30% as common as breast cancer. And neuro illness follows us into old age, with the widespread incidence of conditions ranging from Parkinson’s to Dementia & Alzheimer’s.The ambition of the Richard Burns Foundation is to fund the first hospital-based Brain Centre, where members of public can access walk-in support and advice to provide guidance for the array of neurological conditions from MS, Motor Neurone Disease & Schizophrenia to Autism and stroke, to name but a few. The Richard Burns Foundation is committed to supporting the Brain & Spine Foundation to spread the Brain Centre project nationally.

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