Lola at 2011 Advanced Engineering Show

Lola is exhibiting at this weeks 2011 Advanced Engineering Show at the NEC in Birmingham to showcase its multi-industry composite capabilities. The Lola Group stand (231) will be located in Hall 20.

The 2011 Advanced Engineering Show (9/10 November) provides the UK's biggest-ever and only annual exhibition of suppliers and partners to the rapidly growing composite design and manufacturing industries. The show is now considered a must attend for designers, engineers, materials and manufacturing professionals nationwide.

While the Lola name is synonymous with motor sport throughout the world, it is a well kept secret that the company's winning technology stretches across the defence, aerospace, automotive, renewable and communications industries. The secret of the multi-faceted 2011-look Lola is a reflection of the sensitive nature of these territories.

From developing state-of-the-art technology for class winning Le Mans cars to building the entire structure for military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, how do the contrasting industries of motor sport, defence and aerospace find a common denominator in Lola? The highest level of security, cutting-edge technology, managing multi million pound budgets and working to pressurised lead times all work hand-in-hand within these specialist industries.

Lola also produces composite parts for many other military aircraft applications - including the WK450 Watchkeeper for UTACS, the LEMV programme for the US Army and the Telemos (nee Mantis) UAS for BAE Systems.

Composite design is performed by a dedicated staff relying on top-of-the-line CATIA software and CAD/CAM workstations. From surfacing and finite element analysis (FEA) through to rapid prototyping and tooling production, Lola has developed one of the composite industry's most highly-automated processes.

Lola has amassed more than two decades of experience in the use of carbon-fibre composite materials to produce ultra-light and stiff structures. Lola's in-house composites arm can call on five standard or large-scale autoclaves, clean rooms, flexible tooling equipment and programmable cutting tables. Rigorous inspection and testing procedures are employed throughout the production process. Add the final element of craftsmanship provided by Lola's seasoned staff and the result is high-quality products with world-beating performance.

End-to-end Composite capability from Lola Group

- 36 CATIA v5 CAD workstations- 2 x 5-axis milling machine- Laser tracking equipment- 2 Stiefelmayer co-ordinate measuring machines for measurement, inspection, and digitising- Mechanical impedance analyser 2500 for non-destructive testing of bonded components- 5 autoclaves. Largest is 7m capacity- 4 curing ovens- 2 CNC kit-cutting machines- 3 clean rooms- Spray-bake paint booth

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