(SPEEDWAY 1)WOLVERHAMPTON promoter Chris Van Straaten expects fixture planning to be high on the agenda at this week's AGM of British speedway promoters.Elite and Premier League club bosses are attending the four-day conference in Coventry, with the summer Olympic Games and the addition of the New Zealand Grand Prix on March 31 to be considered.Van Straaten said: "If, for example, we are to have Freddie Lindgren in the team then we need to look at the start of our season and when we can or cannot run."I'd expect Freddie to be away for a week but that brings into question the Monday after New Zealand, because we cannot run the following Monday because of the Polish League on the Easter Bank Holiday. I believe all Elite League clubs need to look at the situation and decide what's best at the start of the season, and this weekend is a good opportunity to do that."(SPEEDWAY 2)ISLE of Wight star Danny Warwick is hoping to be part of the club's plans again in the National League next season.Warwick missed out at the start of the campaign before rejoining the Islanders in a team re-shuffle, and he is looking to compete for a full term in 2012.He said: "I'm up for riding as much as possible, grasstrack, National League and if the opportunity is there, doubling up to the Premier League as well."I'd love to start off at the start of next season, I haven't spoken with anyone as yet. The Isle of Wight would be ideal because it's local, I love the track and it's a very friendly atmosphere around the pits."