TYCO Suzuki BSB team announced

Official Suzuki BSB representative TAS Racing has joined forces with Tyco Security Products as the team's title partner for its 2012 British Superbike and International Road Racing campaigns running under the team name of Tyco Suzuki.

And the title partnership with Tyco Security Products has brought in a number of new associate team partners at Tyco Suzuki including Norbain, WOT Security, First City Care and UBM.

TAS Racing would like to welcome the new team partners onboard for 2012 and also thank long-term sponsors Beacon Security, Motul, Leo Vince, Pirelli and Red Torpedo for their continued support.

Philip Neill - Team Manager:

"It's obviously great to have a new title partner in place but even better to have a group of people as enthusiastic as the guys from Tyco. We've known each other for a while now and when the opportunity arose, it was very easy for both parties to reach a decision.

"At TAS Racing nothing changes: we are the same team that has operated in the BSB paddock since 2004, albeit now under the Tyco Suzuki banner. The icing on the cake for us is being able to return to our favoured blue and white colour scheme - a livery we have used since our first association with Suzuki many years ago."

Phil Dashey - Tyco Security Products, General Manager & Vice President:

"Tyco is thrilled to partner with TAS Racing and Suzuki GB for the 2012 BSB season. The team has shown unrivalled levels of professionalism and a pure passion for the sport, and having spent time with Philip, the team and Suzuki, I believe they are a perfect match for Tyco, our products and our partners.

"If you didn't know, Tyco's global R&D site for our cutting edge security systems is actually based not too far from TAS in Belfast, where we have almost 200 brilliant people. Our participation in BSB, so far, has been exciting enough, but it's time to make our assault on the championship.

"Of course it's not just in BSB where you can look out for Tyco. We are partnering TAS and Suzuki for the 2012 International Road Racing season and we are very excited about the TT and the NW200.

"Finally I'd like to thank our 'co-pilots' Barry Shakespeare from Norbain; Paul Morris from WOT Security; Ian Glen from Beacon Security; Chris Richards from First City Care and Charlie Cracknell from UBM. And of course Stuart Higgs and his team from MSVR who really surpassed themselves in creating the most exciting BSB season ever in 2011."

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