Lola target new generation of engineering talent

Renowned engineering company Lola Group is specifically targeting the next generation of engineers as it continues to build on its legacy as a leader in high-tech manufacturing and expand into the future.

The distinguished composites technology company, which has a reputation as a leading supplier of products in UK aerospace, defence, communications, renewables, motorsport and automotive industries, today hosted an Employment Open Day at its facilities in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The event attracted 255 interested future employees, consisting of many young engineers eager to work for the company. Lola have also placed a special emphasis on attracting young female engineers. Currently 9 per cent of UK engineering professionals are women, with the UK falling significantly behind the rest of Europe.

Lola Group is looking to continue the expansion of its workforce of 170 (up from 151 in 2010). Recently Lola has expanded it's graduate placement and apprenticeship schemes, taking on 10 new recruits in 2011. However, like many other businesses in the UK, Lola are keen for the government to reduce the bureaucracy surrounding the employment laws that currently exist.

Lola's employment drive follows Prime Minister - David Cameron's call to "rebalance the economy so that Britain makes things again" with "high-skilled, high-value manufacturing and engineering [being] a central part of our long term future". Today, many of the most promising young engineers from across the UK were treated to a unique day at Lola where they were able to meet and engage with a leading manufacturing company.

Martin Birrane, Owner of Lola Group, said; "Lola Group has long had a history of innovation and we are seeking to build on this legacy by hiring the brightest young engineers that Britain has to offer. This nation has benefited from an unparalleled history in engineering and we, at Lola, are looking to develop this by targeting the bright young engineering talent."

Robin Brundle, Managing Director of Lola Group, said; "Our Employment Day has been a tremendous success and demonstrated that there is a great deal of hunger and talent amongst Britain's young engineers. The Prime Minister has rightly called for manufacturing to lead the UK out of recession. We have a fantastic heritage in this sector in the UK and today has proved that the future is extremely bright."

Recently, Lola Group have played a large part in the development of the UAV Watchkeeper programme, supplying over 50% of the total essential intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance systems for the programme. After a year of testing, the Watchkeeper UAVs will finally commence operations in Afghanistan next month, providing a major boost to the British Army currently based there.

Lola have also enjoyed a hugely successful year on the race track, winning both the Le Mans Series and American Le Mans Series manufacturers titles. A Lola design was also the first petrol powered sports car to take the chequered flag at June's gruelling Le Mans 24 Hours.

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