Auto GP introduces Overboost for 2012

Auto GP keeps churning out important news for 2012. The organizer already announced the introduction of the mandatory pit-stop in Race 2 in order to maximize the learning features of the Series, but there’s other major news for next season: from 2012 the Auto GP cars will feature an “Overboost” mode, that will be available in both races of the weekend.Thanks to a button on the steering wheel, the drivers will activate a special engine mode that will give them a 50 bhp surplus. As it happens in F1 with KERS, this mode won’t be available all the time: with just 10 activations per each race the drivers will have to use a great deal of attention in choosing where to use it.The aim isn’t just to make overtaking easier (Overboost can also be used to fend off an attack), but also to get the drivers used to such a powerful and strategic tool, giving them a good chance to train themselves for what’s to come in F1, where KERS and DRS will double-up their tactical options.And that isn’t all: the Series staff is working to introduce other exciting news that will make the 2012 Auto GP package even more interesting.Enzo Coloni: “As highlighted by the test our champion Ceccon undertook with Scuderia Toro Rosso, F1 teams are keeping an eye on Auto GP when looking for new talents. The good job he did, especially from a technical point of view, proved that the Championship gave him a very good preparation, but our aim is to keep improving every aspect of our Series. That’s why for 2012 we are planning some changes that will make Auto GP an even better school for F1. After adding the mandatory pit-stop in Race 2, the introduction of the Overboost is another important step in that direction: the driver will learn to use a tool that will be very similar to what they will then experience in F1 with KERS. Having just a limited amount of “activations” available, they will have to choose carefully when to use it, so they will learn how to cope with a very important strategic option. We also thought about the introduction of DRS, it would have been technically easier and less expensive for us, but in the end we sacked the idea due to some safety concerns. In F1 that system works because you have proper activation zones controlled by the FIA, but that’s something impossible to do out of Formula One: we would have been forced to leave the drivers free to use the movable wing wherever they wanted, and we think that’s too dangerous. So the Overboost really is the best solution for us”.

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