MSA publishes Rally Review Report

The MSA-commissioned Review of Stage Rallying has been published this week, following its presentation to the Motor Sports Council.

Undertaken over the past twelve months and chaired by Steve Stringwell JP, Chairman of the Motor Sports Council Judicial Advisory Panel, the Review was tasked with understanding the problems and challenges facing this discipline of the sport and proposing recommendations to address them where possible.

In the course of the process, Stringwell has sought the advice of experienced specialists within specific areas of rallying, establishing a Review Panel that met five times and which received representations from a number of guests during the year. In addition, he travelled the length and breadth of the country, seeking opinions from local clubs, event organisers, competitors and regional associations.

The resulting 21-page report provides details of the Review Panel’s recommendations, analysis of licence and event statistics, and feedback from MSA Officials Seminars.

The full Rally Review Report can be found of the MSA website or by clicking here.

Stringwell said: “This has been a longer project than any of us could have imagined, but such was the depth of discussion and the breadth of topics covered that it has taken twice as long as anticipated. I am grateful to all those who have worked with me on the Review for their constructive input, in particular the members of the Panel who have considered all the aspects of the sport alongside me.

“I don’t think that anyone expected the Review to come up with a quick overnight fix, but we have made a number of recommendations for action and we have drawn conclusions for others to consider. Some of the issues within the report are already being addressed, such as a review of component lifing, the trial of FIA Appendix K regulations on three major rallies which will extend to the MSA British Historic Rally Championship next year, and the approval of FIA R/GT regulations for implementation in January 2012.”

MSA Chief Executive Colin Hilton said: “The MSA is concerned that the number of competitors involved in rallying has been dropping for a number of years, so we have to consider what can be done to address the problem. We are grateful to Steve for his commitment to this difficult task and to all those that have supported him and contributed to the Review.

“We will now consider his recommendations and while there may not be a simple solution, the MSA remains committed to doing what it can to help this very important discipline to a strong and healthy future.”

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