Lola Group and Drayson Racing Technologies to launch their all-electric car

AT THE MIA INTERNATIONAL LOW CARBON CONFERENCE 2012 Lola Group and Drayson Racing Technologies (DRT) announce today that they will launch their ground-breaking Lola-Drayson B12/69EV all-electric prototype racing car at the 6th MIA International Low Carbon Conference at Autosport International on Wednesday 11 January 2012. Drayson Racing Technologies and Lola Group are the official title hosts for the conference. Together with the car, their showcase will include their technical partners to build the all-electric LMP (Le Mans Prototype) car. Robin Brundle, Managing Director of Lola Group, commented: "Lola are pleased to be present at the 2012 MIA Low Carbon Racing Conference event and delighted to have such a major presence, with the unveiling of the all-electric powered Lola-Drayson B12/69EV. This is a technology showcase between Lola and Drayson Racing Technologies and one that has also been designed for lap attacks and electric vehicle land speed records. This innovative new project will evidence several new technologies, with a variety of well-known technical suppliers, all with the same objective, which is to show that zero carbon, clean racing can be fast and exciting, while offering a stimulating engineering challenge." Motorsport is being used more and more as the showcase for low carbon technologies and development. Electric racing is booming, from TTXGP and the eGrandPrix to the Electric Vehicle Cup presenting the world's first 'green' motor racing series.

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