Autosprint “Silver Helmet” Award for Ceccon

The amazing 2011 Auto GP season, which saw Kevin Ceccon clinch the title at the last race after a three-way fight with Luca Filippi and Sergei Afanasiev, keeps paying dividends for both the championship and its drivers.The Auto GP champion was indeed awarded the “Italian Silver Helmet” by the Italian weekly magazine Autosprint, being identified as one of the drivers that brought more prestige to Italian Motorsport in 2011. It’s a very important award for the young talent from Bergamo, because the “Golden Helmet Gala” is the Country’s most prestigious motorsport-related award, a sort of “Oscar” for motor racing that was first held more than 40 years ago. Besides Ceccon another Auto GP driver had an award: Luca Filippi received a special Golden Helmet, the deserved prize for an incredible season in which he was second overall both in Auto GP and GP2.  Enzo Coloni: “The prize that Ceccon was awarded is a great reward for him and for all those at Auto GP who worked hard allowing us to get such a good season. This award proves that success clinched in our Series is a valuable success, as it’s achieved against a very competitive grid and driving a challenging car, a perfect school for GP2 and F1 that can give a real talent the chance to shine. With our 2010 champion that was just named by Lotus-Renault as one their drivers for the 2011 F1 season I hope that Ceccon will be able to follow his footsteps soon, and that many other young talents will choose Auto GP for their path to the higher steps of the motorsport ladder”.Kevin Ceccon: “Receiving such an important award makes me incredibly proud and it’s great joy, another one in a seemingly endless season. This Silver Helmet is a stunning prize, and that’s not just because it has a very long tradition, but mainly due to the fact that it’s awarded by a jury of expert journalists, people who follow motorsport since decades and that are used to evaluate drivers not only by looking at their results but also with a deeper analysis. That’s why this award is incredibly valuable to me, something that will push me to prepare even better for 2012”.

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