Motor Sports Council decisions affecting 2012 regulations

During its final meeting of the year in November the regulatory body of UK motor sport, the Motor Sports Council, approved a number of regulatory decisions with effect from 1 January 2012.

Taster events

Motor Sports Council approved new regulations that permit MSA-registered clubs to organise taster events to encourage first-time participation in motor sport. This was considered to be of great importance to the growth of the sport’s grassroots, in line with the MSA’s Go Motorsport campaign to encourage involvement at all levels.

The new regulations in full can be accessed on the MSA website.

Race Licences

An approved regulation change clarifies the criteria for exemption from taking an ARDS course. The action sheet detailing this regulation change can be accessed on the MSA website.

Competition numbers

New Circuit Racing regulations were approved that allow competition numbers to be moved to vehicles’ rear side windows, subject to approval by the MSA. The new regulations in full can be accessed on the MSA website.

Rallies regulation changes

The following Rallies regulation changes were approved:

R48.7.2.Cars must be fitted with a self seal connector of a type complying with J5.13.  Except as provided for in J5.13.7 cars issued with a current CCLB prior to 1st January 2009 are not required to have a self seal connector.

Reason: Relaxation. It was not Rallies Committee’s intention to require the fitting of Dry Break Couplings to older rally cars competing at club level. This relaxation applies solely to fuel injected cars with a CCLB issued before 2009 competing in championships that are neither British nor MSA Titled.

Date of implementation: 1st January 2012

R48.2.8. Historic Rally Cars that are fully compliant with 49 are permitted without a restriction on engine capacity in Stage Rallies.

Reason: Relaxation and clarification. A consequence of the major changes to Stage Rally vehicle eligibility that came into effect in 2009 was the imposition of capacity limits on Historic Rally Cars issued with a CCLB after 1st January 2009 when competing in Stage Rallies other than Historic Stage Rallies.

Date of implementation: 1st January 2012

Penalty points in Kart events

A a new trial of the suspension of penalty points in Kart events was authorised. This trial:

•Suspends MSA General Regulation (C)2.1.5.(i) Driving and (C)2.1.5.(ii) Failure to comply with flag or light signals

•Requires penalties to be applied in line with the Penalty Summary Sheet, as provided to the Clerk of the Course, or a written explanation as to why not

•Asks that MSA Stewards observe and report on the trial implementation and effect from each Kart meeting they attend

New Kart classes

It was agreed that it would be inappropriate for new Kart classes to be introduced during the period to 2013, when replacement regulations and a new homologation procedure will be introduced. The current suspension of MSA General Regulation (U)1.2. is therefore extended until 31 December 2012.