Car shipping and SVA registration

Car shipping and SVA registration

We have just done a new site for Shipacar - Vehicle shipping and Vehicle SVA / IVA Registration specialists. (SVA Registration is shortly to be known as IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval).

Bascially if you need to import a car, bike, truck or even bus! into the UK - Shipacar can provide a total solution for you - from shipping the vehicle to handling registration when you get it to this side of the pond.

Although they mainly deal with exotica like shipping and SVA work on supercars - such as Bugatti Veyrons from the Middle East to the UK - they also get some unusual requests....

Here is an iconic yellow school bus they have just imported for a client and for which they are currently arranging UK vehicle registration. What a cool race truck this would make for your American historic racecar! (I somehow also associate this bus with the one in "Dirty Harry" - Row Row Row the boat - gently down the stream - those of a certain age will remember this)

Anyway - Peter the boss of shipacar - is also an enthusiast and has shipped, imported and UK registered a number of interesting vehicles - from classic Indian motorcycles, serious US musclecars, to straightforward modern overseas cars which have not been UK registered before. Talk to these guys about your car, bike, truck or even bus that you want imported and registered into the UK.

Click here for the Shipacar web site - designed and built by Racecar

Click here for the Storacar web site - designed and built by Racecar

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