ABD - Less Bureaucracy, More Common Sense Needed to Get Traffic Moving

The government is to be congratulated for taking the initiative in providing 3D scanners to speed up clearing of motorways and trunk roads following serious accidents.

For far too long delays of 6,8,10 or more hours have become commonplace following death or serious injury, trapping thousands of drivers. This causes missed appointments, wasted fuel, higher emissions and, worse still, triggers further accidents as large numbers of drivers divert onto unsuitable local roads.

We urge the government to really seize the initiative by getting the police to rewrite the 141 page manual on investigating road deaths (see http://www.npia.police.uk/en/docs/Road_Death_Investigation_Manual_2007_PA.pdf) which they follow. Treating all serious accidents as a potential crime scene when only a minority of accidents are caused by crime is the main factor preventing speedy clearance of our major roads.

The investigation of road accidents should be done in the same way as air traffic accidents, with less focus on establishing blame and more on analysing the underlying causes of accidents.