Children’s Tumor Foundation Racing4Research No. 4 Porsche GT3 Solid and on Pace

at the Roar Before the Rolex 24 Test at DaytonaRyan Eversley, Justin Bell, Daniel Graeff and Ron Yarab All Post Personal Best Laps in No. 4 Children’s Tumor Foundation/Racing4Research/Magnus Racing Porsche GT3After eight test sessions and hundreds of laps completed, the No. 4 Children’s Tumor Foundation/Racing4Research/Magnus Racing Porsche GT3 team wrapped up this weekend’s Roar Before the Rolex 24 Test Days with a solid and consistent performance.  The 50th Anniversary Rolex 24 At Daytona is a short few weeks away but the No. 4 team left Daytona on Sunday evening confident in its combination of drivers, team and sponsor partner package with eBay Motors and Mobile and Quicken Loans.

The Porsche team clocked a weekend best lap time of 1:50.019 (116.489 mph) in the Sunday’s final session of the weekend while drivers Ryan Eversley, Justin Bell, Daniel Graeff and Ron Yaraball set personal best lap times this weekend. “The weekend has been awesome,” Eversley said.  “This is our second weekend with Magnus and the CTF program and they’ve been awesome both times. The car has been competitive right out of the box and the team has been really good to work with this weekend.  I think all four of the drivers are within a second-and-a-half of each other.  As a whole, that’s a good group for the Rolex 24.”Eversley was impressed with the turnout of competitors during the three-day test, but also noticed the increased number of fans in the paddock. “There were fans everywhere this weekend,”   Eversley said.  “It was really cool to see so many fans here this weekend because I’ve never seen that before at the test days.  The race is going to be big. The fans are going to be awesome and we’re going to have 250 kids from the Children’s Tumor Foundation, so it’s going to be awesome.”Sports car champion and SPEED channel personality Bell easily transitioned back into his racing prowess this weekend in his first appearance at Daytona since 2008.  The 24 Hours of Le Mans winner and FIA GT2 World Champion will pull double-duty during the Rolex 24 At Daytona later this month as driver and in-race reporter.“This is my first time in a Porsche in a very long time and it’s actually been fun getting used to it,” Bell said.  “I haven’t done a lot of racing for a couple of years, so I’m having to re-awaken parts that needed awakening.  The car is really fun to drive and it is fast and stable.  Magnus Racing invests in putting the best technology their cars, so it’s really good.  John Potter guides the team with a firm hand, but he really empowers his team.  I really like the thought of being in the car, doing my job in there and entertaining the masses on TV.”Long-time CTF founding team driver Graeff maximized his track time throughout the weekend.  Graeff posted his personal best lap times during both his day and evening stints.  Similarly eager as his teammates, Graeff credits the solid team performance and racing package assembled by the Magnus Racing team for the strong weekend.“We have a rock-solid platform and we’re confident that we have a good race package,” Graeff said.  “Justin and Ryan are setting the team’s pace, but all of us are going faster than we’ve ever been.  We’re confident that we’ll be highly competitive.  We’ve got more in there that we’re not exactly showing just because we’re working on our race and long range race set-up.  Magnus put together a great team behind us.”Looking ahead to the race, Graeff shares the sentiment of many drivers in the garage noting the 2012 Rolex field will be one of the biggest races in series history.“I’ve never seen a field like this,” Graeff said. “The top 20 is blanketed with the best sports car drivers in the world, the best race car drivers in the world, guys from Formula 1, NASCAR, and sports cars in every country in the world.  This is it.  You want to match wits and abilities with the best, this is the moment.”Ron Yarab is another founding member of the CTF/Racing4Research program and joins his teammates in praising the hard work and dedication of the Magnus Racing crew.“Our three-day test for Magnus Racing went really well and we have a great driver line-up this year,” Yararb said.  “Our sponsor line-up is great as well, we have Quicken Loans and eBay Motors, plus the Children’s Tumor Foundation, it’s a great combination.  I’m a physician and I take care of patients with neurofibromatosis for my day job, so it’s nice to be able to mix both my personal and professional lives together.”Yarab hopes to continuously improve his lap times by listening closely and watching teammate Bell.“The coolest thing that I saw this weekend was seeing Justin get into a race car again,” Yarab said. “Watching him in literally five laps be up to speed.  It was amazing.  We’re looking forward to him being a good anchor on the team.  He’s very knowledgeable and great asset to the team.”Jill Beck, Director of the Racing4Research program for the Children’s Tumor Foundation, was trackside all weekend in support of the No. 4 Porsche.  Passionate for both racing and CTF, Beck was supportive and proud of the team’s performance this weekend.“Our drivers have really stepped up, not only are they doing the fastest times they’ve ever done here, but we have fantastic equipment with Magnus Racing,” Beck said.  “The team has really jelled and come together.  They know what they need to do and how get it done so that we’re at the top of the podium.  Everybody is working hard to make it happen together.”Beck also welcomed the team’s new sponsor partners that were announced as joining the CTF/Racing4Research cause in a Friday press conference at Daytona. The Rolex 24 program has become the annual kickoff event for CTF fundraising each year and donations can be made at“The exposure that eBay Motors and Mobile and Quicken Loans bring to the Foundation is amazing,” Beck said.  “They are helping us raise awareness and getting the word out about the Foundation.  The funding research is why we are here.  We are here to fuel the cure and they’re going to take us to the next level.  Our goal is to raise $1 million this year working with Magnus Racing, eBay Motors and Mobile and Quicken Loans.”Part of the attraction for both the eBay brands and Quicken Loans to the No. 4 CTF/Racing4Research team is a live pitside web cast that Magnus Racing will be conducting throughout the entire Rolex 24 race.  Drivers from both the No. 4 and No. 44 Magnus Porsche teams, including recently crowned NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Rookie of the Year Andy Lally, will appear in the web cast, which will also be used as a primary fundraising tool for Racing4Research.  The live web cast will be viewable at, or by downloading the eBay Motors Mobile app for iPhone.The No. 4 Children’s Tumor Foundation/Racing4Research/Magnus Racing Porsche GT3 team returns to Florida for the 50th Anniversary Rolex 24 At Daytona, January 26 – 29.NoteworthyTwo members of the No. 4 team were impressed with the all-star line-up of the Rolex 24.  “It was great in the drivers meeting, I looked over and saw Travis Pastrana sitting there and Michael Waltrip sitting next to him and I thought that was pretty cool,” Eversley said.  Graeff was a little starstruck when he was on track.  “One of two things happened to be last night,” Graeff said. “I ran my personal best at night, which was significant and I did so while running and dicing with a Ferrari, but I’m not sure which one it was.  It could have been Travis Pastrana, who is an idol of mine, or Giancarlo Fisichella, who is also an idol of mine, that was a pretty cool feeling.”… Eversley is a larger supporter of sponsor CTF as well. “When I met CTF and got to work with them, it was eye-opening but it was also rewarding,” Eversley said. “I’ve never been able to use my racing to give back anything.  It’s been about racing, having fun and being competitive and trying to make a career. To be able to give these kids a weekend  of a good time or give last memories that they’ll always carry with them is something that you can’t put a price on, so that’s why we’re doing it.”About the Children's Tumor Foundation and Racing4ResearchDeveloped by the Children’s Tumor Foundation, the Racing4Research (R4R) program utilizes competitive, professional auto racing as a vehicle to increase awareness of neurofibromatosis and raise funds for research through corporate sponsorship, personal donations, and individual fundraising by NF Heroes: children and adults from around the country who live with neurofibromatosis.  NF affects one in every 3,000 children, more than cystic fibrosis, Duchenne muscular dystrophy and Huntington’s disease combined, and can lead to a wide variety of complications, including blindness, bone abnormalities, cancer, deafness, disfigurement, learning disabilities and excruciating and disabling pain.  The Racing4Research program offers children and families living with the disorder a uniquely empowering weekend, and has raised over $1.5 million dollars since its inception five years ago. 

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