How to run a Supercar on a shoestring

According to a Reuters article - a number of Ferrari and other luxury car owners were declaring an income of less than 30,000 Euros a year in a glamorous ski resort over the festive season! This shows it is possible to run a Supercar on a budget...or not.

Looks like the party is well and truly over in Italy - something almost "fin de siecle" about the conspicuous expenditure going on over the festive season - the fact that "cash" till receipts under surveillance were up by 300% at glamorous restaurants in the town this year would suggest the battle for Italy to approach their problem of having one of the highest rates of tax evasion is going to be a bloody one...

"Italian officials combating a national plague of tax evasion hit the jackpot in a swoop on a posh ski resort, catching 42 drivers of Ferraris and other luxury cars who had declared incomes of less than 30,000 euros ($38,700) a year.

Inspectors reported that of 251 "super cars" checked in the Dolomites town, 42 belonged to people "who could barely make ends meet" on declared annual incomes of less than 30,000 euros, and 16 to people with declared incomes of under 50,000 euros"

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